Spero Foods Launches First of Its Kind Egg And Cheese Products that are More Flavorful, Nutrient-Rich and Sustainable than Competition

By: Mar. 28, 2019

Thanks to the "standout startup" Spero Foods, eggs and cheese are the newest "Superfoods." Ten years ago, Phaedra Randolph, the Founder and CEO of Spero Foods, set out to heal herself of chronic health conditions by adopting a plant-based diet. To her amazement, it worked. In 2016, Phaedra launched Spero Foods to make a nondairy lifestyle tastier, more convenient and sustainable for everyday Americans, while environmentally-friendly at the same time. Today, Spero Foods has disrupted a market sector and set off a nondairy food revolution destined to change how the world does dairy. Spero Foods' line of delicious, nutrient-rich and sustainable products are available online at http://www.SperoFoods.com.

"The idea for Spero arose after I healed myself of chronic illnesses like migraines, IBS, and seizures at the age of 17," says Spero Foods Founder and CEO, Phaedra Randolph. "Many people suffer from similar health challenges, but find it difficult to veer from their favorite foods-eggs and cheese being top among them," Randolph states. "It has been my mission to turn the foods that are good for us into the foods that we crave. And we've done that. Our egg and cheese products are both delicious and sustainable on two fronts: They provide amazing nutrition that occurs naturally, and they're produced in a way that limits impact on the environment (unlike the production of dairy and nut products). So, we are making significant strides towards solving two of the world's most pressing concerns: the critical epidemic of disease, along with the lesser known crises of climate change and environmental degradation," Randolph states.

Under the banner of "Food Without Compromise," Spero Foods' patent-pending products transform ultra-sustainable seeds into nondairy egg, cheese and dessert products that are unparalleled in quality and taste. Spero's innovative, all-natural food family includes:

? Scramblit - Delicious, plant-based "Superfood" egg alternative with more protein, omega 3's, iron, zinc and 30 times the antioxidants of animal eggs. Scramblit is also over 20x more sustainable.* Scramblit pairs very well with Spero Egg Salt, for an impeccably egg-like taste.
? Cheese - Spero's "Superfood" plant-based cheeses are the most healthy, sustainable, and delicious cheeses on the market. Spero Foods' cheeses are packed with protein, minerals and vitamins like iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin E and antioxidants-in contrast to typical plant-based 'dairy' which has little to no nutritional value. Best of all, Spero's minerals and vitamins are naturally derived and not isolated.
? Chevre Rich and creamy, light, and packed with flavor & nutrients that fuel the body:
? Goaty Chevre - tastes like it comes from the animal, but without the animal.
? Herbacious Chevre- a delightful blend of herbs de Provence.
? Smoked Chipotle Chevre - packs a spicy punch from chipotle peppers.
? Smoked Paprika Chevre - unique Middle East flavor experience.
? Camembert - An authentic and bloomy white rind, with a robust flavor burst for the taste buds (Often sold out!)
? Bluebert - An authentic and complex blue flavor, with a bloomy white rind. (Often sold out!)
? Whipped Cinnamon Cheesecake - A delectable, creamy, cinnamon cheesecake that's rich in flavor and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Only 4g of sugar (and no cane sugar), protein, and all the good stuff. This is like the crack that loves you back.

Spero Foods' competitive advantage begins at its core. Spero Foods' all-natural, preservative-free products are clean-label and made from superfoods, guaranteeing every bite is rich in nutrients. Scramblit beats regular eggs twice over, with 10 grams of protein per serving- also surpassing the egg substitute, JUST EGG- which uses preservatives, canola oil, sugar, and soy. Spero Foods' soft cheeses hit hard with five grams of protein per serving- the highest amount of protein in any plant-based cheese. Spero Foods' cheeses contain over 90 times the antioxidants of dairy cheese.

Brianna Cameron of the Good Food Institute has this to say about Spero Foods' cheeses: "The [Spero Foods cheese] texture is rich and creamy and the flavor is really complex. This is the kind of product you could serve on cheese board with a bottle of wine and gather around with your friends and family," Cameron states.

Karim Hamdi, Co-Founder of PlantLX is excited about what Spero Foods has introduced to the food market. "To be honest, the Spero goat cheese and the Impossible Burger are the only groundbreaking things I've tasted while [in the U.S.]", Hamdi states.

Not only is Spero Foods' delicious and healthy but it gets superior marks in the "sustainability" category and is treading entirely new territory. "Most people don't know that dairy cheese is the second largest contributor to food-caused climate change. It's beef, then cheese, then pork**. Our cheese products far exceed the sustainability of nut-based products by emitting less CO2 and using less water and land. In total, Spero Foods' cheeses produce 95-99% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than dairy cheese*. That's groundbreaking," states Randolph.

Spero Foods not only produces "Superfoods" but in many ways, it's a small, "super" company. Spero Foods does not test on animals and all products are free of nuts, soy, gluten, and are paleo, vegan, and keto. As such, it uses only a fraction of the environmental resources as its competitors- and of that, Phaedra Randolph is proud. "I'm really excited about what we're creating and building. Our goal is to transform the food that is really good for you into food that you crave. And, this is just the beginning," Randolph states.

Gaurav Maken, the Co-Founder, Mylk Guys Market finds Spero Foods super in his own way-describing Spero's eggs as second-to-none. "This Scramblit stuff is LIT. I have already made an omelet, a quiche, and even egg fried rice. There is NO stopping to what this Scramblit can do. There is no eggscaping for me anymore-I am hooked," Maken states.

Founded in 2016, Spero Foods is on a mission to make everyday dairy products into delicious, sustainable and nutrient-dense, healthy foods. Phaedra Randolph, the founder of Spero Foods, healed herself from migraines, IBS, and seizures, by adopting a plant-based diet. Ten years later, Phaedra created Spero Foods ('Spero' means 'hope' in Italian), to help heal others while also healing the world with its environmentally-sustainable business model. A former Data Analyst and Software Engineer at Facebook, Phaedra served as a software engineer at two (later acquired) startups and earned a B.S. in Operations Research and Information Engineering and Pre-Medicine from Cornell University. An avid athlete and Division 1 NCAA recruit, Phaedra's competitive streak led her to research how to heal her chronic health challenges. Phaedra is a serial autodidact who has taught herself software engineering, art, and food science. She is also the Founder/ former President of Plant-based Life@ Facebook HQ, the Co-Founder/President of Cornell Vegan Society, and Director of Harvard's Ivy League Future of Food conference. Spero Foods has earned the title, Standout Startup of the Winter Fancy Food Show by Food Business News and 50 Women Led Startups Who Are Crushing Tech by Forbes. Backed by the prestigious YCombinator, the same accelerator that incubated Dropbox and AirBnB, Spero Foods is leading a new, nondairy SUPERfood revolution. Spero Foods' line-up of delicious, healthy, sustainable food items are available at http://www.SperoFoods.com.


*per serving
*in terms of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (kg CO2 per volume of whole eggs vs Scramblit)
*in terms of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (kg CO2 and kg CH4 per lb of average dairy vs spero cheese)
**in terms of kg of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per kg of consumed product

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