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Chef Spotlight: Yolanda Goldsack of GRANDMA GOLDSACKS in Lords Valley Pennsylvania

Chef Spotlight:  Yolanda Goldsack of GRANDMA GOLDSACKS in Lords Valley Pennsylvania

Yolanda Goldsack is a pastry chef and the owner of the boutique bakery, Grandma Goldsack's in Lords Valley, Pennsylvania. Yolanda is a self-taught baker who also attended some Italian pastry courses with the well-known cookbook author and Pastry Chef, Nick Malgieri.

Yolanda's focus is mainly on pastries as opposed to cake baking and design. To Yolanda, a well-made apple strudel is just as lovely as a decorated cake. Yolanda is also a professional artist. Many of her art pieces are displayed at Grandma Goldsack's. She loves to put all of her creativity to good use so customers can enjoy her baked goods and her artwork as well. had the pleasure of interviewing Yolanda Goldsack for our "Chef Spotlight."

What was your earliest interest in cooking and baking?

I started cooking and baking when I was about 10-11 years old. My mom worked in a coat factory in Hoboken, NJ. She started early and came home late and hungry. So both my sister Mitzi and I were taught early so we could help out the family with meals.

Who was one of your career mentors?

My Mom Tina. She was an excellent cook and she was using spices and seasonings when they were not that common, but now are used in just about everyone's cuisine. All of her dishes were very flavorful.

What culinary styles have influenced you?

I would say that Caribbean cooking has had the most influence on my cooking style because most of my meals contain the blends and spices that I used to season food with as a child. My baking style is definitely a mix of German with what I call American "comfort baking."

What do you consider the most outstanding items that you bake?

My "Grandma Goldsack's Crumb Cake" is my signature pastry, but my homemade "Cheese Danish Rings" comes in at a very close second. They both reflect that American comfort baking that my customers love and say it reminds them of when they were children going to their hometown bakery.

What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is my husband Bob's Spaghetti Sauce, delicious! My favorite dessert is definitely "Old World Italian Rum Cake." I can't find it around this area so when I have a craving I make it myself. It has fresh vanilla custard, chocolate custard, cherries, rum soaked sponge cake with real, fresh whip cream surrounded by toasted almonds. Heaven!

Tell me a little bit about your bakery for our readers.

My bakeshop is a small slice of comfort desserts. My menu is mainly old time favorites that always please like Crumb Cake, Pies, over stuffed Apple Turnovers, Lemon Poppy Loaves, Cheese Danish Rings, Croissants, Almond and Plain and fresh rolls. These are only a few of the homestyle baked goods that keep our customers coming back for more.

Grandma Goldsack's Bakery is located at 110 Hemlock Farms Road, Suite 6, Lords Valley, Pa. You can call them at 973.903.1888 or visit their web site at

Photo: Courtesy of Yolanda Goldsack

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