BWW Interview: Playwright Matt Boyle Talks About the Buffalo Quickies 2018

BWW Interview:  Playwright Matt Boyle Talks About the Buffalo Quickies 2018

Playwright Matt Boyle Talks About the Buffalo Quickies 2018

The Quickies are coming!

Buffalo Loves The Quickies

The 27th Annual One-Act Play Celebration put together by Joyce Stilson.

Performed at The Alleyway Theatre.

I had the opportunity to interview a few of this event's Playwrights.

Let me introduce to you the highly respected Matt Boyle

MCL:You have a Play that is a part of The Buffalo Quickes at Alleyway Theatre.

Describe what The Quickies are.

MB: The Quickies are an annual 10 minute play festival.

MCL:Were you ever involved with this festival before this year?

MB: Yep, this is my 3rd Quickies. My 1st was a comedy/drama about a homeless man and a grad student, an appliance box and a gun. Called Brotherhood of the Whirlpool Box. That was 2014's Quickies. 2016. I had a dark drama about a vet, his pregnant wife and their battles with his PTSD. He is suicidal, but because of his religious convictions, he is afraid that suicide will condemn him to he is asking his wife to kill him, before he hurts anyone....especially his wife and their unborn baby (his great fear)

MCL:What is the name of your One Act? Can you tell us the plot without spoiling it?

MB: LAWN WARS. Two neighbors. One obsessively cuts, weeds, mows, edges....and the other who lets his grow wild. Their disagreement...and the fate of a wealthy 3rd neighbor who has a professional lawn service.

MCL:First thought when your Play was chosen?

MB: YES!!!!! 2nd thought....I better go back and reread. Was it even funny???!!??? And yes, it was and still long as you live or have lived in the suburbs....the play does NOT translate well for cultures without a lawn trradition.

MCL:The Buffalo Quickies has been a long tradition. Why do you think it's been so successful?

MB: TWO WORDS--Joyce Stilson. Her dedication to fostering and encouraging the development of playwrights.

MCL:What is the enjoyment of Writing a One Act Play?

MB: 10 minute plays help us develop as playwrights. Hone our craft. They're pretty much also instant gratification......and seeds for longer pieces....some times, but not always....LAWN WARS two characters are done. They will most probably not have a life beyond LAWN WARS.

MCL:What can the audience expect when they see this event?

MB: Ten minutes you like. Ten minutes you really like. Ten minutes of meh....ten minutes you don't like....ten minutes you really laugh so hard you split your sides (that's my 10 minutes of the evening), etc. If you don't like a piece JUST wait ten's fun....Joyce has a good eye for these pieces and selects well IMHO.

MCL:Joyce Stilson puts this together each year. I'm sure not an easy task.

One word to describe Joyce Stilson.

MB: Passionate--Joyce one word

MCL:Finally ... anything else you want to say about The Buffalo Quickies?

MB: Yes. Don't miss them....OR you will have regrets.


Alleyway Theatre

Matt will be the Assistant Director and Producer for Annie at Springville Center of the Arts

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