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Savana Glacial Comes to Irondale As Part of FringeBYOV

Savana Glacial Comes to Irondale As Part of FringeBYOV

Ut Patet Theater Company brings for the first time to the United States the awarded play SAVANA GLACIAL, written by celebrated contemporary Brazilian playwright Jô Bilac. Performances will happen on October 23, 24 and 30, 8pm, at the Irondale Center as part of the FringeBYOV (Bring Your Own Venue), a segment of The New York International Fringe Festival.

SAVANA GLACIAL is a dark comedy that dives into a love triangle between a writer, his wife who suffers from short-term memory loss and their eccentric neighbor. In this multi-layered world full of trauma and loss, everything is fiction - except the pain.

The characters find extensions of themselves in each other, deconstruct layers of attachments and together redefine their experience of love and death. Directed by Marina Montesanti, SAVANA GLACIAL will be presented with an all-Brazilian cast.

"What I love about this play is that it validades trauma through emotional memory. It exposes deep layers of internal dependencies, coping mechanisms and attempts to be free again", said Montesanti, who is a recipient of the 2019 TOWN stages fellowship. Among her New York City selected directing credits are works such DERECHO (LaTea), El Corrido de la Pola (The Flea Theatre) and A Theft (Manhattan Theatre Club Studios).

SAVANA GLACIAL communicates conflicts of the modern existence such as isolation, paranoia and artificiality in relationships, all through clowning and humor. "This creates a very intuitive response from the public. It allows us to reconsider our human condition and its paradox with urban behavior", points out Montesanti.

SAVANA GLACIAL was elected by the Brazilian newspaper O Globo among the top ten best plays of 2010. It also granted Jô Bilac with the Shell Award for Best Play in 2010. The playwright has written more than 25 plays written since 2006, such as Cachorro! (Dog!), Rebu (Turmoil), Limpe todo Sangue Antes que Manche o Carpete (Clean All Blood Before it Stains the Carpet), Popcorn, Gato Branco (White Cat) and Conselho de Classe (Class Council).

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit: | @savanaglacialplay

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