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Student Blog: We're Finally Back to School! What Now?


Less advice, more "trying to convince myself to follow my own advice".

Student Blog: We're Finally Back to School! What Now?

Ah, college. We're finally back to school - what do we do now?

I've been struggling to get back on my feet in the city, especially with socializing, transportation, and even getting a part-time job! I don't really have many tips for you all, but I wanted to share how I have personally gotten over my fears and reached my goals.

Ultimately, everything takes time. My sister, who is a freshman, is experiencing college as a brand-new concept. It's her first time living alone, and she didn't adjust right away. To all of the freshmen and the returning students trying to get into the flow of things: it's okay to be scared or homesick! I was terribly homesick when my mom first dropped me off, and I am still homesick a week and a half later. I find myself longing for my dogs and my chickens, and I call my parents a few times a day. Eventually, everything will settle in. Sometimes it takes a few days, or a few months. Everything will end up where it needs to be.

For me, as an upperclassman about to turn 21, I have many big decisions to make. How do I renew my license? How do I establish domicile in the state where I will likely be living for the rest of my career? How do I get a good job that pays well and schedules around my classes? It's a lot of work, and it takes lots of time. I actually do have a few tips for this, and they are tips that I really should follow.

First: job stuff. DON'T BEND YOUR SCHEDULE TOO MUCH! If you only have one day off (not counting weekends), don't just move your classes to accommodate a job. One day off plus weekends is sometimes enough, especially for jobs that are open on the weekends (the type of job that accommodates us college students quite well!). If you can, find a job that you enjoy. No one wants to work 8 hours at the snooze factory! If you like spas, work at a spa! If you like animals, work at a dog boarding company. You get the idea. I have mainly been applying for office jobs, because I enjoy an environment like that. You get to sit down and work on a computer, you get to decorate your own little cubicle (sometimes!), and you can make some good money. Others prefer to work in retail, especially if you can get a commission - and others prefer food service, where you can make tips. It all depends on your personal needs.

Next: all of the things you need to do in order to live in a different state as an adult. You typically need to live in New York for a year straight to be considered domiciled according to my research, so that can be pushed to a different time for me. That also means that my license needs to be renewed in my home state, which is not a problem for me. Medical things are a different story. Check your insurance before seeing a doctor in your new home state. My insurance is, thankfully, amazing and allows me to see any doctor that takes my insurance, regardless of state. If you're unsure, look it up! Your insurance card will also likely have a phone number on the back to call to see your specific benefits. Make sure to get a primary care provider, as it helps to have someone on your side who knows you, and who can advocate for you in the case that you need to see a different doctor or a specialist. In this vein, get your prescriptions filled in your home state. Nothing is more annoying than having someone ship you medications. Not to mention, it can easily get lost.

When considering all of these things, it is best to make a plan that suits your needs. Since I'm a junior, I need to start worrying about all of these things. Freshmen, don't worry too much! Have fun and focus on school first.

Photo provided by Andrea Cau courtesy of Unsplash.

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