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VIDEO: Hideout Theatre Performs Live Improv Shows on Twitch

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VIDEO: Hideout Theatre Performs Live Improv Shows on Twitch

While the Hideout Theatre in Downtown Austin is unable to perform in-person shows, they are finding other ways to bring their content to audiences, via the platform Twitch!

Viewers can watch and participate in live improv, and the performers get suggestions from the chat which they then incorporate into the show in real-time.

"We initially thought maybe that it would only work if shows were in the context of the reality, which is everybody's in a different place," Hideout Theatre Marketing Director Courtney Hopkins told KVUE. "Maybe we need to do shows where people are doing a teleconference or shows where people are having a seminar. But it turned out that our narrative, story-based improv really just works well."

In addition to the Twitch productions, Hideout Theatre also offers classes, kids improv, team building and private shows.

Watch the company's most recent virtual show below, and check them all out on Twitch here!

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