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X FACTOR RECAP: Four Contestants Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed!

It's the results night of The X Factor and sixteen contestants will be whittled down to twelve - if you want a refresher on last night's performances, click here, and read to find out who'll be singing again next week!

X FACTOR RECAP: Four Contestants Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed!Demi's group, the young adults, faces the chopping block first. Paige Thomas, who's wearing a giant hat, is through; joining her will be Jennel Garcia, which means Cece Frey and Willie Jones will have to sing for their lives - metaphorically, of course. Cece chooses "Out Here On My Own" from Fame, and I think Demi's face during the performance says it all - it's really rough. Or maybe I'm just insane because all of the other judges like it.

X FACTOR RECAP: Four Contestants Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed!Willie sings "You Don't Know Me." The version of the song I know is by Ray Charles, but I assume he's singing the Willie Nelson version because it's totally country and totally back in his safety zone. I liked it better than Cece's pitchy performance, but I'm not sure if it was better.

Demi decides that Willie is headed home. Khloe keeps yelling "Congratulations Cece!" and trying to grab her arm. Note: sensitivity is not Khloe's strong point. Willie says he's grateful for the experience and Demi says she believes in him and he needs to go home and figure out what he's going to do, which is for the most part common sense.

LA chooses Vino Alan and Tate Stevens to continue to the top twelve out of the Over 25s, leaving David Correy and Jason Brock. Second note: ushering people around the stage ia also X FACTOR RECAP: Four Contestants Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed!not one of Khloe's strong points. She just grabs people's arms and "guides" them to where she wants them to go like she's helping an old lady across the street...only the lady's not moving fast enough so she gets a little aggressive. 

Anyway, David Correy chooses Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" with a slow arrangement that really showcases his voice. Demi and Simon think it was melodramatic, but I think that David is kind of a melodramatic performer - not that that's always a bad thing. Jason, for his part, X FACTOR RECAP: Four Contestants Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed!takes on Whitney Houston's "One Moment In Time." Okay, I really do like that Jason is clearly embracing the experience and having a blast doing it, but why would you pick this song? Even if he delivers a perfect vocal (he doesn't, but it's not the worst ever), it's still not Whitney Houston.

LA chooses to send David home and Khloe "ushers" Jason off the stage while David speaks: "Don't ever give up on your dreams," he says.

X FACTOR RECAP: Four Contestants Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed!Britney sends Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar to safety from the Teens, so Diamond White and Arin White will sing. Arin Ray tackles another Whitney tune, "I Look to You." Arin always seems to be just under a great performance. He has definite potential, but it's like there's just something missing from his vocal X FACTOR RECAP: Four Contestants Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed!and I can't quite figure out what. Diamond chooses "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word," by Elton John and later Leona Lewis, and it's certainly not without flaws - but this gal is thirteen years old. Britney chooses to keep Arin, leaving a shocked Diamond on stage. Still, she gets herself together quickly and smiles, saying that she'll "keep smiling," which is honestly a way better reaction than from some of the adults thus far in the competition.

X FACTOR RECAP: Four Contestants Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed!The last team to face the music (ba dum tss) is the Groups under Simon Cowell's mentorship. He puts Emblem3 and Lyric 145 through, leaving 1432 and Sister C to sing. Sister C's "When I Look at You" by Miley Cyrus is somehow worse than the original - though it admittedly gets better as it goes on. 1432 chooses "Skyscraper" X FACTOR RECAP: Four Contestants Eliminated; Top 12 Revealed!by X Factor's own Demi Lovato. It's much better than Sister C's performance (Demi tells them that it was better than the original singer), and on that note Simon sends Sister C home. "You had a vision for what you wanted, and..." one of the Sister C girls says, but Khloe hilariously pulls the microphone away before she can finish. Note: one of Khloe's strong points is not letting people say whatever they want, which I kind of love.

Simon announces that you can vote for 1432's new name, if you're so inclined, at (which isn't a bad idea - that name is horrible). Tune in next week as the top twelve perform!

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