Twitter Watch: Bobby Cannavale Live-Tweets the Tonys and It's Hilarious

Twitter Watch: Bobby Cannavale Live-Tweets the Tonys and It's Hilarious presents Twitter Watch, which brings you only the best and most interesting reports straight from the mouths of Broadway stars, shows and more on the hot social networking service - Twitter!

During last night's Tony Awards ceremony, Bobby Cannavale (@bobbycannavale) took to Twitter to express his opinions throughout the broadcast. The result is one of the most honest and hilarious portraits of the show. Scroll down for highlights!

On the AFTER MIDNIGHT opener: "I think the white guy's in that show before midnight."

After Mark Rylance's win for TWELFTH NIGHT: "Saw Twelfe Night twice. Amazing. Real Deal Rylance. Still. Start the music."

After LES MIZ's "One Day More": "ANYBODY left who DOESNT know what the fuck Le Miz is about?" and "Song should be called 'LOOK HOW LOUD I CAN SING'".

On speeding up the proceedings: "Just started counting time I'm gonna wish I had back. Yknow, at the END."

During ALADDIN's performance and after James Monroe Iglehart won a Tony: "That guy ain't a genie" and "still say that guy ain't no genie".

On Idina Menzel's song from IF/THEN: "I kinda hope this song 'medleys' with that Frozen song."

His sarcastic accolades for the cast of ROCKY: "great acting going on here, huh guys?"

Followed by real praise for A RAISIN IN THE SUN's Sophie Okonedo: "Sophie Okonedo was fantastic in that play."

Some confusion during the number for 'GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE': "what the FUCK is happening???"

On Audra McDonald making Tonys history: "She really is the best."

After HEDWIG rocked the stage: "Sam Jackson's gonna woop Neil's ASS in about 10"

Some WICKED snark: "My buddy just now while watching the Tonys: 'I fucked 2 Elphabas'".

Encouragement for the host: "KEEP SINGIN, HUGH!!! WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT STOP SINGING!!!!!!"

Simple words of admiration for a BEAUTIFUL star: "I like that Jessie Mueller. Great story. Great talent."

And just in case we thought he was getting too soft, he said this during the FINDING NEVERLAND performance with Jennifer Hudson: "ONE of those kids is thinkin dirty."

Oh, Bobby. Thank you, seriously.

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Photo Credit: Walter McBride

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