Tatiana & Alexander Fursenko Debut GYPSY'S DREAM With The Gypsy Fun Trio At Russian Samovar

The legendary Russian Samovar Restaurant and Piano Bar presents the one and only "Gypsy's Dream" by renowned actor, model, singer, and dancer duo Tatiana & Alexander Fursenko. The pair, who are winners of the Russian President's National Award for Contribution to the Theatre and Film Industry, premiers with their first show on Friday, June 28 at 9:00pm. A show will be held every Friday until Labor Day weekend. The one-hour show will include classic Gypsy ballads and dancers, as well as a guitarist, violinist, and an accordion/piano player from the Gypsy Fun Trio (Andrey Solodenko, Valery Zhmud and Sergey Pobedinsky). Said Russian Samovar manager Vlada Von Shats, "The incredible sound of the gypsies will touch your soul."

Alexander Fursenko, who is an alumnus of Moscow Theatre and Music University, is an actor of "Taganka Theater" and holds more than 60 roles in movies and theaters. He is also an accomplished singer and tap-dancer. Tatiana Fursenko, a graduate of The Boris Schukin Theatre Institute, is an actress known from the theater productions Romen and Comedy Fars Show.

Russian Samovar is unique in its long-standing ties with the art community and has become a home for many famous Russian poets and writers who keep coming back for the exceptional dining experience. Owned by Roman Kaplan and managed by his daughter Vlada Von Shats and her two sons Michael and Nicholas, Russian Samovar offers some of the finest Russian cuisine in New York.

Enjoy an authentic Russian lunch in the 19th-century feel dining room, complete with picturesque green and red shades and Russian folk prints, conveniently located in the Theater District. For only $19.99, patrons can enjoy a 2-course lunch, Tues - Fri 12:00pm until 3:00pm. Starters include the traditional Russian beet soup Borscht and Chicken Frikadelki Soup with chicken meatballs and vegetables in a traditional chicken broth. Mains includePotato Vereniki (potato dumplings served with sour cream), Pelmeni (chicken and veal combination dumplings) and Grilled Chicken Shashlik(marinated chicken thighs grilled to perfection, served with salad or grilled vegetables).

Russian Samovar was previously co-owned by ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov and Nobel Prize winner for poetry Joseph Brodsky. Jilly Rizzo, friend and bodyguard of Frank Sinatra, owned the establishment in the past, and Sinatra held many personal concerts there and often spent time with The Rat Pack, playing games of baccarat in the upstairs lounge. Cyndi Lauper and Liza Minnelli are also known to stop by and offer the odd performance. The restaurant keeps attracting several generations of Russians. In a cozy atmosphere they can eat their favorite Russian food, meet musicians, actors and writers from Russia and all over the world.

This upscale eatery is-aside from its authentic Russian dishes-known for its 26 flavored vodkas prepared in-house, including ginger, horseradish, lemon and cranberry. Delectable appetizers include Beluga and Osetra caviar, Blinis filled with salmon or caviar, the Assorted Fish Platter (in-house cured Salmon Gravlax with dill, Smoked Atlantic Salmon and Smoked Butterfish), Vol-au-Vent (a wild mushroom puff pastry), and Pate Russelaced with brandy.

It is its signature entrees, however, that have put Russian Samovar on the culinary map. House specialties include Shashlik Karski (rack of lamb marinated in Georgian spices), Beef Stroganoff, Veal Pozharksi (ground veal and breast of chicken cutlets), Chicken Kiev, and Chicken Tabaka, a baby chicken split and grilled. Side dishes, such as buckwheat kasha, boiled or mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables, compliment the succulent entrees. For dessert, diners can relish in the Zapekanka(Russian cheesecake), the Soviet inspired Crème Brûlée, or the Medovik (layered honey cake), just to name a few.

In addition to its a la carte menu, the restaurant, which is perfectly situated by all the theater that Broadway has to offer, serves a Theater Pre-Fixe Menu, availableMonday through Friday until 7:00pm. The ideal dining destination for a pre- or post-show bite, if you bring your ticket from any Broadway show, the restaurant will give you a 10% discount on all food items. Theater Pre-Fixe Menu items include Appetizers such as Olivier, Eggplant Caviar and Vinegret; Entrees include Roasted Duck, Grilled Salmon and Beef Stroganoff, with a choice of Smetannik Cake or Ice Cream for Dessert. Enjoy an expertly prepared pre-dinner cocktail in the bar, such as theRoyal Romance, featuring raspberry house-infused vodka, Grand Marnier and Frangelico, garnished with an orange peel.

Russian Samovar seats 100 in the dining room and 50 at the bar. Upstairs, the intimate Tolstoy Lounge and St. Petersburg Hall, which caters to private parties, small dinners and events, comfortably seats 34 for sit-down dinner, and 100 for standing buffet. Designed by Felix Zbarski and Yuri Kuper, the lounge houses Kaplan'sextraordinary collection of samovars. The club-like feel is evident in the oak floors, shellacked with a warm gray/gold veneer. A three-tiered Banquet Menu is offered for private events, featuring a selection of the restaurant's most favored dishes.

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