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Student Blog: I Want to Write a Novel


I have dreamt of being an author for as long as I can remember

Student Blog: I Want to Write a Novel

I have always loved books. I love the idea of reading. I love the adventure of reading.

I remember when I was in Grade One, we had to do readings from the class 'library', it was a shelf, and after the second term, if your reading skills had outgrown the class library books, we were invited to the junior school library. I remember very clearly being one of the first five being selected to go pick out a 'big girl' book. A book that was in black and white, with no colour.

I really have no idea why that was so alluring to me.

Because of my love of stories, I always loved writing every kind of story I could think of. I wrote spin-offs of Humphrey the Hamster. These spin-offs included my pets. I even drew pictures for them.

Imagine, me drawing. Those who know me, know, I cannot draw to save my life.

Anyways, being a writer was always something that I wanted to do. I loved hanging out in the library in junior school. I loved being a library monitor. The library was my safe place in junior school. I would spend most of my breaktimes in the library with Mrs Cowling. Some of the best memories from my later years of junior school, grade five to grade seven, you would find me in the library.

So, I have always wanted to write a book, a novel. I have wanted my stories to be someone's happy place. I have yet to actually formulate a decent story but I have so many ideas.

I have gone through stages of wanting to be an author.

At first, I wanted to be the next Enid Blyton. I wanted to write a fantasy story or a mystery story for children and young teens.

I quickly grew out of that obsession though.

Next up was, a biographer. I wanted to tell my story, for some reason. At the time, I had felt like the world was really working against me and that no one was on my team. So, I felt this desire to tell my story but it was all too literal.

After that stage, I started writing on WattPad. That didn't go far, I got bored very quickly.

I then wanted to write young adult romance novels, not like Fifty Shades of Grey but more like dreaming of your one true love. Because, well I am a very single pringle.

This idea then transformed into me wanting to create a universe, one like the Avatar the Last Airbender universe. Because ATLA was my world. I wanted to create another mythical and magical world.

That magical world, is what I have been on for the past five years, maybe. I have been trying to create a magical world like the ATLAverse or the Grishaverse.

But let me tell you, damn it is difficult.

All I need is time. I think with a little time and a push, maybe accountability by the time I graduate, I think I will have at least established an idea of a universe.

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