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New York Arm Wrestling Association Seeking Sponsorships

Predicting that 2014 will be the most popular year ever in the history of the 37-year old organization, with a surge in fan-followers and those seeking to compete in tournaments, The New York Arm Wrestling Association (NYAWA) announced today that it is seeking corporate and brand sponsorships and partners.

"Since the airing of the new AMC cable-TV arm wrestling show 'Game of Arms', the NYAWA has received more than 2,000 inquiries from new contestant arm wrestlers and fans for NYAWA membership subscriptions, weekly practice and mailing list requests and inquires," Gene Camp, NYAWA's founder and president said. I believe this year will be our biggest competition year in our history."

The NYAWA has already scheduled events at the Nassau Coliseum Sports and Fitness expo, Bronx Week Food and Arts Festival, and Brighton Jubilee Festival in Brooklyn. It plans to promote events in each of the 5 NYC Boroughs, Long Island and Upstate New York as part on the NY Golden Arm Series that culminates each fall in the 37th Annual Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions (the Official 2014 New York State Arm Wrestling Championships).

The NYAWA's premiere arm wrestling event is the NYC Big Apple Grapple International, which crowns the King and Queen of Arms and attracts contestants from around the world. The event is in preparation for April 27, 2014. "The NYC Big Apple Grapple will draw both 'hard-nosed pros' and first time beginners to compete in their respective pro and amateur weight class categories," Camp continued. "We expect a daylong cheering, captive audience, a contest of awesome feats of brute strength, demonstrations of power, endurance and explosive raw energy. Media coverage of this event has been consistent in recent years."

The New York Arm Wrestling Association is seeking sponsor-partners for this and all other events in each of the five NYC Boroughs and Long Island.

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