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Fresh from HEATHERS Off-Broadway, HIPZEE Launches New Company and Website

Fresh from HEATHERS Off-Broadway, HIPZEE Launches New Company and Website

HIPZEE, a new storytelling company founded by Rob Baunoch III and Tara Sickmeier, launches their new company and website today. HIPZEE is a Brooklyn based storytelling company that produces, finances, and markets for film, TV, theatre, and brands. HIPZEE's mission is to combine provocative yet nostalgic storytelling and cutting edge research to amplify stories to their greatest potential.

HIPZEE aims to put a new spin on both entertainment + brands by using a unique formula of creative storytelling supported by research findings. For instance, HIPZEE was not only part of the producer team of 'Heathers The Musical,' but also provided marketing research and strategies for the new Off-Broadway hit. This was done via social listening data, a.k.a. the "new focus group." For those folks not familiar, social listening is a tool that measures what is being said on a particular subject across the web. The social chatter can come from Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Video, Forums, News Sources, plus more. It's the audience's raw honest opinion. Social listening analysis offers insightful findings and actionable strategies that aid any marketing plan.

HIPZEE provides a variety of services in addition to social listening research. These services include production, financing, and marketing for entertainment + brands. HIPZEE also currently has several films, plays, musicals, and business projects in development.

HIPZEE was founded by industry experts Rob Baunoch III and Tara Sickmeier. Rob and Tara both have creative beginnings mixed with entrepreneurial mindsets. As a kid in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Rob started out creating horror films in his backyard, only to later grow into a well-rounded writer and story creator. Across the country in Lake Forest, California, Tara was getting stuck in traffic on her way to commercial auditions (most likely to be casted as "Surfer Girl" yet again). Tara would later move into film production and distribution after her acting days. As they matured, Rob and Tara both realized they had an itch for the business side as well. Rob went to school for an MBA and developed an extensive background in budgeting and finance for theatre, film, and television. While Tara obtained years of experience in marketing and distribution for film, TV, sports, and brands. One more thing... they're in love and engaged.

HIPZEE's production team also includes Creative Producer, Michael Mayhugh. With years of experience in film production and Red Epic camera equipment on-hand, Michael believes storytelling is all about the relationships and memories made along the way. It is the same nostalgia that anyone moving through life feels: remembering the fondest of moments and wishing to relive it just once more.

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