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Cortney Wolfson Shares Story of Being Fired From ROMY & MICHELLE For Being Pregnant; Producers Respond


Wolfson details how her pregnancy plan was initially "OK'd" before she was fired from a reading due to her "condition."

Cortney Wolfson Shares Story of Being Fired From ROMY & MICHELLE For Being Pregnant; Producers Respond

Broadway actor Cortney Wolfson recently took to Instagram to share a story of being allegedly fired from a production of Romy & Michele due to being pregnant.

In the post, Wolfson details how, in 2018, she decided to have a baby. She says that she reached out to her director "for guidance on the show's timeline" and got the 'OK'. "[Our lead producer] said that we will be targeting a [developmental] reading in NYC in late Feb or early March ... and its all good if you are pregnant then."

Following her first trimester, Wolfson reached out to the production once again, to inform them of her due date, and that's when the situation changed.

The producer initially "responded with his congratulations" but later she received a call from the director, telling her that she "would be replaced" because the show could not "showcase the show to maximum effect with [Cortney] in that condition."

After giving birth, and as the show continue to be performed in further iterations, Wolfson was allegedly told that the production was searching for celebrities to replace her.

"Playing Romy is still one of my greatest honors as an actor," Wolfson concluded in her post. "But what happened to me while I was pregnant was wrong."

"I'd like to talk about mothers in this business. I'd like us to better know how to protect ourselves when our careers, our mental health, and our rights are in danger. I'd like us to not feel alone when this happens to us and my hope is that together, we can all make it a little tougher to fire a mother for being a mother."

The producers of Romy & Michele have since responded with the following statement:

"We've always been supportive of Cortney and her desire to have a family. There were no definitive plans for a production of Romy and Michele to take place in 2018. The next time a reading for this production took place was in February 2020 in LA and Cortney was involved. It was also planned that Cortney would be involved in the reading that would take place in New York in March of 2020, which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Most recently, a workshop for the production took place in New York where the casting was updated to bring more diversity to the production. We've always been appreciative of her involvement and wish her nothing but the best."

Read Wolfson's full post below:

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