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BWW Exclusive: Quarantine Qs with Tony Winner Victoria Clark

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BWW Exclusive: Quarantine Qs with Tony Winner Victoria Clark

As quarantine keeps on keeping on, we at BroadwayWorld know that staying positive gets a little bit harder every day. That's why we're checking in with some of Broadway's brightest stars to give you a little bit of inspiration to make it through.

In today's Quarantine Qs, we check in with Tony winner Victoria Clark!

Since this began, have you picked up any new/cool/weird hobbies or habits?

YES! Every day I try to amp up my exercise routine, but being rather accident-prone, I have to watch it. I already injured my back doing a completely self-imposed, impossible yoga challenge. Now that's better, so I have to make sure I don't accidentally sign up for a one-woman triathlon. Another passion that emerged during this time is I decided to run for Actors Equity Council! That was something that only would have come up during a pandemic. I had time to really think about what I could do to help, and how my skill set could help the most people.

What social activity are you missing the most?

ALL OF IT. Seeing friends. Hugs and silly in-person time. Going out to eat, having people over!! Going to work and being able to rehearse IN PERSON and perform in a public space, like old times. People are my fuel, so I am kind of starving.

What is your favorite Youtube video (old or new) that you think will bring other people joy to watch?

The baby girl asking her dad "D'you love me?" a million times. I think we're all feeling that way right now!

Are you following anyone on social media who is helping you through this time?

Harriet Harris' posts are cracking me up. About a month into the shutdown, she posted a picture of herself with a big bag on her head as the Easter Bonnet's one entry and it made me so very happy.

What is the first show that you want to see once theatre is back?

Caroline or Change, Flying Over Sunset, Sing Street, or basically anything with people gathering and telling a story. I want to support my friends!!! I will support any show, ballet, dance piece, opera, play or performance project. I will be so ready to go and cheer, and I'd like to either be onstage, directing it, or in the audience! I am sure we will all be projectile-crying when the theaters open up! From a socially responsible distance, of course!

What have you learned about yourself in this time?

I may look better as a brunette.

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