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Quarantine Qs
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BWW Exclusive: Quarantine Qs with DIANA's Erin Davie

BWW Exclusive: Quarantine Qs with DIANA's Erin Davie

As quarantine keeps on keeping on, we at BroadwayWorld know that staying positive gets a little bit harder every day. That's why we're checking in with some of Broadway's brightest stars to give you a little bit of inspiration to make it through.

In today's Quarantine Qs, we check in with Erin Davie, who plays Camilla Parker Bowles in Diana: A True Musical Story.

Since this began, have you picked up any new/cool/weird hobbies or habits?

For some reason I think food rules don't apply anymore and that sugar and alcohol won't make me feel crappy or gain weight.

What social activity are you missing the most?

Rehearsal with the Diana musical family. Being in a theater and playing with others, is the most fun.

What is your favorite Youtube video (old or new) that you think will bring other people joy to watch?

I really love bad lip singing seagulls stop it now.

Also the I can do anything good girl.

Are you following anyone on social media who is helping you through this time?

Lots! Stars in the House because it makes feel connected to my community. Sometimes it's surprising what can give you a sense of ease. My friend Alissa has a new baby and posts videos of him eating which is always @Alissalter

E takes the lead today!!!

A post shared by Alissa (@alissalter) on May 21, 2020 at 10:07am PDT

What is the first show that you want to see once theatre is back?

The Minutes was at the top of my list. I like that Tracy Letts.

What have you learned about yourself in this time?

That even though I am an introvert and am VERY good at not being social, just how much I depend on being with and around other people for inspiration, a sense of well being and just, life food. Know what I mean?

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