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Lake Howell High School

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Romeo Santos in Broadway ROMEO SANTOS
Amway Center

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The Teddy Bear Picnic in Broadway THE TEDDY BEAR PICNIC
Pinocchio's Marionette Theater

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The Volusia Lowdown! in Broadway THE VOLUSIA LOWDOWN!
Sands Theater Company
The theme of the play is about the power and political upheaval that took place in DeLand and Volusia County during the 1920s & '30s. It does, however, cover only a few of the high spots adapted from the book, "The Volusia Lowdown," that was written back in the mid-'30s. The characters in the play show these powerful men and their will to rule, working their will in ways both political, criminal, and sometimes violent - they played politics like a chessboard! They did some bad things, and they did some good things badly - and did bad things for what they may have thought were good reasons - no one was completely clean and no one walked away without a little dirt under their fingernails. The play is stylized reality, and shows in the end that some powerful men in the political community could not carry a whole county and city alone forever. It has plenty to say about both the times in which it is set, and the political climate insight, both into the governing processes of its day and into the mind of its defining leaders.
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The Little Mermaid in Broadway THE LITTLE MERMAID
Pinocchio's Marionette Theater

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