BWW Interviews: Eliminated Bachelorette Sarah Dishes on THE BACHELOR

BWW Interviews: Eliminated Bachelorette Sarah Dishes on THE BACHELOR26-year-old Sarah Herron's run on this season's The Bachelor came to a close this week in beautiful Alberta, Canada when Sean, out of compassion, said his goodbye even before the rose ceremony. Feeling it was for the best, Sean attempted to let Sarah down easily. Now with her journey cut short, how does the advertising executive from Los Angeles, CA feel about Sean and the women who are left battling to win his heart?

Herron recently spoke about her experience on the ABC dating competition!

Are you feeling at all now that it was not the right decision to do the show?

Oh, absolutely not. I have never ever regretted one moment of participating on The Bachelor. It was really and truly this life changing journey, and there's no better way to put it. And for me, it was every bit of a life changing experience. And it was very cathartic and self actualizing. And I learned so much about myself and what I'm looking for. And it - you know, (it's helped me) understand me better. And so, in no way do I regret any of the process. I think it all has helped me become who I am today. And you know, that's - it's just part of the learning curve of life. And I don't regret any second of participating on the show.

Did you have a feeling that you would be going home this week or did you feel completely blindsided at the moment?

I definitely did not expect to be going home. I felt - I was very surprised and very caught off guard. And I did have every intention of wanting to bring Sean home and take him to Colorado and introduce him to my family. However, the week before in Montana, Sean you know, made his speech and said that he'd felt his relationship had taken a step back with a few Girls and a step forward with a few other girls.

And there was a part of me, deep down, that was concerned I was - I might have been one of those Girls that he was talking about. Because we were now you know, five weeks into the process or so, and it becomes difficult to continue to develop these relationships while he's developing relationships with the other girls.

So, I definitely was a little uneasy when he said he felt his relationships had taken a step back. And that's why, in Canada, I felt it - extremely important to reassure him why I was there and that I had the right intentions and that my heart was in it and I wanted to take it to the next step.

In your final words you said you were very embarrassed. Was that the only reason you were so upset or was there more to it than that? Had you actually fallen in love with Sean at that point?

I had very strong feelings for Sean. And I think it's just - it's human Nature to feel embarrassed when you're - you know, dumped on television and you cry, and you let yourself be as vulnerable as I let myself be. You know, I don't think I've ever let America - or let alone my coworkers and friends see me as vulnerable as I was on the show. And so, you just feel a little embarrassed that you put it all Out There and somebody didn't want to Take It All in. And so, it was just - it was hard. And yes, it's just - it was a little embarrassing.

Sean thought he was doing you a favor by sending you home two days early. But at the same time, he kind of singled you out. Do you agree with Sean's theory that it was best for you, or looking back on things, do you wish he had allowed you to go through the rose ceremony?

Absolutely not. I think Sean handled it the best way. He and I actually did have a conversation. And I said you know, if I'm one of these Girls that you ever feel our relationship is taking a step back, I want to talk about it, and I want to know about it. And I think we can communicate about what's going on. And please just - I don't want to be the last girl standing at a rose ceremony without a rose, without an explanation, just you know, completely shocked.

So, he knew that I was asking for an explanation. And I think that's what he gave me. And he said here's a girl who doesn't want to be you know, strung along, and she wants to be told how it is. And he respected that. And I think it's great. And I - even though I'm not happy with the way things turned out, I respect the way he handled it. And he - I don't think he could have done it any better.

As far as Tierra's medical emergency on the last episode, did you believe she was BWW Interviews: Eliminated Bachelorette Sarah Dishes on THE BACHELORsuffering from hypothermia?

I think - we were all very, very cold. And knowing Tierra the way I know her now, I think she's just a very highly sensitive person. And she was under a lot of stress and a lot of pressure. And I think the circumstances of the group date, combined with everything that she's probably going through emotionally and psychologically, it just kind of all combusted.

And whether she overreacted or actually had hypothermia, I'm not sure. And quite frankly, at this point, I don't even really care anymore, because it just seems like every week, something - it was something else. Whereas, you know, the rest of us had no problem just embracing the cold and absorbing the adrenalin you were getting from it. It seemed - it just seemed overdramatic when she got sick.

Obviously, you'll never really know what was going through Sean's mind, but it was such a surprise to see that he sent Selma home this week. Do you think that had to do with the fact that she decided not to take part in the polar bear plunge?

Yes. I have no idea what Sean's real reasonings were for sending Selma home. I think there's probably more to it than I know or any of the other Girls understand or America. And definitely, maybe not participating in the polar bear plunge contributed to it, because I thing Sean really wants a girl that can you know, go with the flow and is down for some adventure. And Selma wasn't really having it.

But at the same time, like, I can't blame her. And I don't think Sean blames her, (that's just not) who she is. And she was not - she wasn't sorry about it. And she stuck to her guns. And you have to respect that. And you know I - for whatever reason they didn't work out. I'm not sure, but I'm sure there's plenty of (good reason).

Who do you feel is best for Sean to end up with?

Oh, you know, watching back, I'm really starting to see the chemistry build between Sean and Catherine, which I didn't (see a whole) lot of while I was you know, in the filming process. And watching it back, I'm seeing like this really special connection between the two of them that's undeniable. And I think - I think it's great. What I'm seeing between Sean and Catherine looks pretty great.

And as far as him lasting with whoever he chooses, I think it - he will, because Sean said you know, he only wants to be engaged once. And he's not in it to mess around. He's really looking for his wife. So, I think Sean is the type of guy who's going to be very selective in who he chooses and then he's going to nurture and make sure that the relationship can withstand anything. I think, you know, he'll make it work.

Do you think Sean might be able to find lasting love with Tierra?

I don't see Tierra and Sean being much of a match at all. I think - I think he's probably very surprised, watching it back now, because I don't think he saw much of what we saw Tierra as in the house. You know, he wasn't - he wasn't seeing that. He made that clear in Tuesday's episode that he was starting to realize - he was getting a different Tierra than the Girls in the house were. So, I don't - I don't personally feel a lasting connection between the two of them.

A lot of what we saw of you on the show revolved around your arm. And it seemed like your self consciousness about it came up pretty frequently, particularly with the various physical activities. Is that something that actually affects your confidence on a daily basis or is it something that you're more or less at peace with and it was more for TV?

BWW Interviews: Eliminated Bachelorette Sarah Dishes on THE BACHELORThat's a good question. Definitely, having one arm has always, always affected my self confidence. And it's definitely given me insecurities. But I have come (to peace) with it. And I know how to be myself and you know, not let it be an obstacle in my life.

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