The Masters: Paul Thomas Anderson On Max Ophuls

The Masters: Paul Thomas Anderson On Max OphulsVisionary director Paul Thomas Anderson provides a fascinating and revealing commentary for the opening shots of the new Criterion release of Max Ophuls's THE EARRINGS OF MADAME DE... in a new promotional video released in conjunction with the disc hitting retailers today.

"My name is Paul Thomas Anderson. I'm here to talk about the great Max Ophuls."

From one great to another, so begins Anderson's illuminating analysis of one of the most memorable establishing shots of the period and one of the enduring modern cinema masters of one era as seen through the eyes of another.

"In terms of THE EARRINGS OF MADAME DE... I think to look at the actress here, Danielle Darrieux, who's in a bunch of his films... is the perfect reason why I think you can pull off a camera move like this - if you have an actor who is in the frame that is capable of doing, or worth watching, for that period of time," Anderson opines of the very first frames of the film, now available in a fully-remastered top shelf edition as only Criterion can provide.

"Max Ophuls is really the first person to do with a camera what he did - there is nothing I have seen before these films that compares or comes close," Anderson says of the cinematic legend.

"It's obvious to me now, the stories sunk into my DNA - of how to tell a story or what makes an interesting story; it just got in there so strongly," Anderson says of the impact of Ophuls on him as a filmmaker and how it has affected his work.

"It's amazing how if a film is so good it gets under your skin," Anderson concludes of the master film craftsman and his influence.

View the promotional video for THE EARRINGS OF MADAME DE... with Anderson on Ophuls below.

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