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Jack Huston Talks STRANGERS ON A TRAIN Onstage & AMERICAN HUSTLE Onscreen

Rising screen star and current West End headliner Jack Huston discusses his famous family, theatre versus film and his roles in STRANGERS ON A TRAIN onstage and in the new awards-bait drama AMERICAN HUSTLE onscreen as part of a new interview.

Describing his STRANGERS ON A TRAIN character, Huston asserts, "What I'm playing on stage is out there. He's a real cad - very gregarious, very flamboyant."

Comparing stage to screen, Huston shares, "Whatever I was doing, the director would say 'go bigger' and I thought 'I can't possibly go bigger.' On screen, when you think you're being small you can go even smaller. The screen is amazing at catching every glance of the eye or nod of the head, the most subtle inflections, whereas the stage is the polar opposite."

"Performing to a thousand people, you're basically yelling for most of it," Huston concludes.

As to how his stage preparation has aided him in performing onscreen, such as in the new David O. Russell film AMERICAN HUSTLE, Huston says, "It's very easy to get lazy doing film and TV. It's someone else's close-up, you're off camera, you can relax, there's a lot of downtime. With David he likes to be on the whole time. It's all shot on Steadicam - you don't know when you're on or off camera, you're always ready, always in character. And across the board everybody brings their A-game. If someone says something to you, you've got to be right there to respond."

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