Webinar Alert: Native App vs. Mobile Website: 'Which Is the Right Choice for You

Webinar Alert: Native App vs. Mobile Website: 'Which Is the Right Choice for You

Last week at the Mobile First Look conference in New York, Steve Mura, Director of Digital Marketing for Miller Coors took to the stage to speak about mobile and called out the importance of finding the right mobile partner.

"Find a mobile partner that loves mobile and lives it day in and day out," Mura

Having dedicated itself to becoming a complete Mobile Solutions company in 2009, FiddleFly has been helping businesses through education, creative services, and strategic support for several years, and now they will bring that expertise to an exclusive webinar series beginning with a focus on native apps vs. mobile websites.

While many businesses are beginning to understand the value of building for mobile, there still lingers the misconception that going mobile means developing costly and often unnecessary apps. Apps still certainly have plenty of life left and anyone claiming their usefulness has passed is simply uninformed, however the truth of the matter is that for 90% of businesses, the value of focusing on browser-based Mobile Solutions far outweighs that of pouring time and resources into a native experience.

Today, beginning at 2PM EST, Alex Kutsishin, founder and Director of New Business for FiddleFly will host a live interactive webinar in which he will address the pros and cons of both apps and web, as well as offer real-world solutions for building better mobile experiences for customers.

Today's webinar will only be the first in a series of educational presentations held by FiddleFly, in which the team will help the world find more efficient and effective means of creating engaging experiences for smartphones and tablets. With almost ¼ of all web traffic coming from mobile devices and that number steadily rising, failing to join the mobile movement is possibly the riskiest thing businesses can do. Going mobile is no longer an "if" proposition, it is a "how" and FiddleFly is out to solve that equation.

You can sign up for the webinar completely free now here.