Traitify (Formerly Woofound) Launches Personality API to Enable True Customer Personalization in Apps

Traitify (Formerly Woofound) Launches Personality API to Enable True Customer Personalization in Apps

LAS VEGAS, NV - Traitify, the catalyst for true personalization in apps and services, today announced the launch of its Personality API at Future Insights. The company also announced its official rebrand from Woofound to Traitify reflecting its broader vision to make personality actionable in an unlimited number of applications across nearly all industries.

"Personality is at the core of what we do, including our decision-making processes. To truly revolutionize customer personalization, personality data needs to be widely accessible to the mainstream market," CEO Derek Mercer said. "Our API extends our core technology and empowers businesses and developers in any industry to leverage personality and raise the bar for customer personalization."

The easily embeddable Personality API is the first of its kind, and is designed for any user who wants to add personality and personality-powered recommendations to new or existing products and services.

Proving that the possibilities for the Personality API are endless, the company is currently in discussions with major players seeking to integrate the API in the following sectors: careers, social, dating, movies, commerce, enterprise and internet.

Traitify's Core Technology and Benefits

Traitify's core technology combines big data and psychology to collect observable patterns in order to make smart predictions in terms of customer behavior, preferences and tendencies.

The company breaks the mold of traditional personality assessments through its image-based approach, and offers a simple, binary choice of "Me" or "Not Me" to create a fast, interactive and accurate assessment. Based on the personality data collected, Traitify is able to help businesses match the right features, products or services to unique individuals.

Key benefits of Traitify's proprietary personality assessments include:

  • Speed and simplicity - Until Traitify, a user's personality could not be attained in a reasonable amount of time, nor integrated into other applications. Traitify's personality assessments take only a few minutes, and results are immediate.

  • Accuracy - While Traitify's personality assessments are quick and easy, they are also accurate results have shown the tests to be valid, currently testing with a higher accuracy than traditional assessments.

  • Flexible - Traitify is flexible in that it offers different personality assessments for different aspects of life, and each of these can be modified to provide more specific personality trait details as needed.

Traitify's flagship SaaS-based version, to date, has enjoyed strong adoption, boasting over 30 educational and government customers, and a collaboration with Monster Government Solutions.