Public Interest Registry Announces .ORG Website Makeover Contest

Public Interest Registry Announces .ORG Website Makeover Contest

.ORG's Nonprofit Operator Launches Contest in Collaboration with OmniStudio to Help Organizations Advance Their Missions Online

RESTON, Va., Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ Public Interest Registry, the not-for-profit operator of the .ORG domain, today announced the launch of its .ORG Website Makeover Contest as part of an ongoing effort to empower nonprofit organizations and groups to effectively advance their causes online. Today through November 8, Public Interest Registry is accepting nominations from leaders and representatives of organizations and nonprofits for a chance to win a newly designed .ORG website from OmniStudio, a Washington, D.C.-based firm specialized in web design and consulting for nonprofit and advocacy groups.

The .ORG Website Makeover Contest directly correlates to Public Interest Registry's enduring mission to promote the effective use of the Internet as a means to increase the awareness and impact of social good causes. The contest also comes on the heels of Public Interest Registry's own organizational rebranding and newly launched website, which aims to exemplify the organization's brand identity as the trustworthy, purposeful, spirited and collaborative operator of .ORG the world's third largest top-level domain and the soon-to-be-launched .NGO and .ONG domains.

"Like the individuals and organizations we support every day, we know how critical it is to have a strong brand identity and online marketing presence in order for a cause to be successful," said Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry. "As we look to realign the Public Interest Registry brand with our ongoing commitment to serve in the public interest, it seemed natural to extend the same opportunity to our fellow nonprofit colleagues."

Authorized representatives of any organization from nonprofits and community groups to corporate foundations and arts and culture venues are eligible to participate during the open nomination period and share how a newly designed website will help further its mission. A panel of judges will then select up to 10 contest finalists who will advance to the two-week open voting period beginning November 25 where members, supporters and the general public can vote for their favorite organization.

The winning organization will be given the opportunity to work with OmniStudio as the firm designs and develops a new .ORG website. OmniStudio has teamed with Public Interest Registry for the contest as a part of its annual ReachOut Project. Now in its fifth year, OmniStudio ReachOut 2014 aims to help charities and nonprofits revitalize their visual branding to better attract donations, volunteer participation and media attention.