Businesses Can Simplify Their Payments Processing Environment Using the New Online Payment Management System

Businesses Can Simplify Their Payments Processing Environment Using the New Online Payment Management System

WASHINGTON, DC - Sage North America announced today, a new online payment management system for businesses looking to consolidate and streamline their payments programs. Accessible through the web and optimized for tablets and touchscreen interface, enables Sage Payment Solutions customers to view and manage all their credit card and ACH payment accounts, including the devices and applications connected to their payment accounts. operates in a secure Payment Card Industry (PCI)-certified environment and tackles the problem of having to remember multiple user name and password combinations by streamlining access to accounts, reports, billing statements and connected payments applications with a single sign-on.

To provide customers with the value of integrated payments from web, mobile, point-of-sale (POS) terminals and inside the business software solution, also seamlessly integrates with Sage accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and select third-party software solutions. In addition, provides single sign-on access to advanced services, such as international wires, converting checks to electronic bank deposits, donation payment services, recurring ACH payments, private label in-store gift cards and the new Sage Business Visa Prepaid Card program. In the near future, will provide single sign-on access to online bill payment, electronic invoice management and electronic payables services.

"Today's payments marketplace is highly fragmented and confusing," said Greg Hammermaster, president of Sage Payment Solutions, the payments division of Sage North America. "Most businesses use multiple payments vendors each with its own support center, administrative websites and billing statements. Having multiple vendors means managing multiple contracts, dealing with an increased scope of PCI compliancy, and worse, having to keep up with various user names and passwords. Recognizing this hassle, we engineered to extend only one user name and password across all payment accounts, devices and applications, offering customers significant relief and increased usability."

The management system will also provide Sage Payment Solutions customers with a drag-and-drop approach to "connecting" their payment devices with their Sage accounting and ERP software to allow them to automatically post and reconcile their payment transactions.

"Integrating payments with accounting systems has previously only been available to large businesses, given the costs and complexities of mapping and communicating the data from the POS to the back-office software," said Hammermaster. "We designed so a nontechnical person can integrate payments with an accounting system by simply dragging and dropping an icon of a registered payment solution onto the icon of their accounting solution. It's truly that simple. And we'll further this benefit by expanding the payments-related solutions compatible with to offer businesses a menu of integrated apps and services they can turn on at their own pace and all with a single user name and password."