Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Author Larysa DiDio Partners with WWE for Health and Wellness

Celebrity trainer and fitness author Larysa DiDio has teamed up with WWE to promote family health and wellness. DiDio has more than 20 years of experience in helping celebrities, Olympians, entertainers, professional athletes as well as moms, dads, and kids meet their health and fitness goals. In her new role, DiDio will focus on educating families about living healthy lifestyles and raising awareness about the alarming childhood obesity rates that currently face youth throughout the world via WWE live events, social media and digital platforms.

DiDio will produce monthly blogs and social media posts, providing insight on how to live healthy, active lifestyles to WWE.com's 14 million unique monthly visitors and more than 228 million social media followers. During the winter/holiday season, DiDio will provide helpful blogs posts, Twitter chats and social media updates on healthy holiday eating, holiday workouts and tips on how families can stay healthy through the cold and flu season.

DiDio will also collaborate with WWE on the development of custom content focused on family health and wellness activities, encouraging kids to live healthy lifestyles. The content will feature ideas for exercising at home (indoors and outdoors), fun family activities (e.g., hiking, biking and walks), as well as nutritional advice on healthy snacking and meals.

"I'm thrilled to be working with WWE and its inspirational Superstars to help families live healthy, active lifestyles. WWE Superstars and Divas have incredible and inspirational influence on kids and I'm excited to join them in spreading the message of health and wellness to them and their families," says DiDio.

For more information about Larysa DiDio visit http://www.larysadidio.com.

About Larysa DiDio:

Larysa DiDio is a celebrity personal trainer and fitness author. With over 20 years experience in helping celebrities, Olympians, professional athletes as well as moms, dads, and kids meet their health and fitness goals. Also an accomplished writer, Larysa has provided exciting articles and content for national and trade publications as well as blogs and websites. She's currently an expert health and fitness contributor to Prevention Magazine and the spokesperson for "The Perfect Series" presented by Prevention. She owns a fitness facility in Pleasantville, NY called PFX - one of the first gyms ever to offer classes specifically tailored to kids. Larysa spends time at schools, hospitals, wellness seminars, and on television motivating and inspiring others to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Though incredibly proud of her professional accolades, Larysa's biggest accomplishments are found at home where she is mom to Nicholas, 12, and Isabella, 8. For more information about Larysa and her initiatives visit http://www.larysadidio.com.

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