Top Five Diet Trends For 2013 Revealed

5. Fruits and veggies remain king
Hands down, dietitians agree that eating more fruits and vegetables will have the biggest impact on improving American's diet and health in 2013 and beyond. These diet staples are packed with disease fighting nutrients, and can help consumers maintain a healthy weight when eaten as part of a balanced diet. Whether fresh or frozen, consumers will look to include more plant based foods in their diets.

6. My Plate IS Our Plate
Even more dietitians (76%) are using MyPlate to counsel patients compared to last year's survey (69%). Dietitians are finding ways to incorporate MyPlate into their practice and finding that it's a great tool for counseling individuals on their diet.

"New food and nutrition trends emerge each year as we learn more from science and demand more from food companies," comments Jenna A. Bell , PhD, RD, nutrition expert in New York City. "While health and weight loss goals may continue to top resolution lists, how we achieve these goals and choose our foods is always changing." Dr. Bell adds that it's important to know where the minds and appetites of consumers are heading.

Louise Pollock , founder and President of Pollock Communications recommends that industry and media take dietitian predictions seriously when planning for the New Year. "At Pollock, we always seek insights of dietitians when planning branded and commodity PR campaigns, as well as retail efforts for our food clients. Dietitians keep you on the right path because they know where the science is going and what the consumers are thinking, and more importantly," Pollock adds, "consumers are listening to them - according to the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics 2008 Nutrition and You Trends survey, 78% of consumers consider registered dietitians the most credible source of nutrition advice."

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