Moda Operandi Launches 'Be Your Own Muse' Video Series

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Moda Operandi Launches 'Be Your Own Muse' Video Series

Moda Operandi, the first online luxury retailer to provide consumers access to the full collections of top designers directly from the runway, launched "Be Your Own Muse" video series that captures fashion as the transformative platform enabling women to be whoever they want. Moda Operandi turns the concept of the muse on its head by empowering women to be their own inspiration, rather than passively playing that role as the tradition dictates.This fashion week season and video launch marks the start ofModaOperandi's"Be Your Own Muse" theme of the year.

Carolina Herrera and Georgina Chapman are among the first tosharehow they have learned tolookwithin for inspiration andusefashion as a powerful toolto cultivate theiridentity. The videos were shot and produced byModaOperandi's Bettina Santo Domingo in New York City. Now the team travels to Europe to capture the Muses behind some of the brands in London and Paris.

"I find my inspiration everywhere and everyday...I can find inspiration reading a book, talking to someone, in a concert, you have to have your eyes open," designer Carolina Herrera discusses in the short film."I like the future, I don't like the past. Fashion is a repetition of ideas; it's the way you put them together that makes it news."

An extension of a core pillar behindModaOperandi,the message is simple: a woman is multi-faceted who some days may feel like the sophisticate, some days the eccentric, and sometimes even the rebel. Fashion enables women to embrace who she wants to be at any given time and express her many facets.

"I think for a woman to be her own muse is a wonderful thing because I think that really says I am confident and know how I am; whether I like it or not stylistically, I can believe in her andI can appreciate it and love it,"Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman says."I love Moda Operandi. To see something and fall in love with it and the fact that you can click and know you're going to have it. It's exciting waiting for something, that emotion of coveting something and yetyou know it's going to be yours."

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