LES MISERABLES Lithograph T-Shirts Now Available

LES MISERABLES Lithograph T-Shirts Now AvailableA line of visually compelling new t-shirts emblazoned with the recognizable logo of the popular and enduring stage musical sensation LES MISERABLES is now available to purchase, utilizing and adapting the text of Victor Hugo's seminal novel of redemption and faith in a whole new way.

The new t-shirts were designed by Amile Bayard for Lithographs and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, for both men and women, highlighted by thousands of lines of text collectively creating a collage effect to ultimately represent the recognizable iconography of the musical itself.

Lithographs describe their unique t-shirts as such: "Every Litographs t-shirt is created entirely from the text of a classic book. These are printed "all-over," which means that the design - the text from each book - covers every inch. The text is completely legible. We print locally, in Cambridge, MA. We managed to squeeze about 75,000 words onto the front and back transfer sheets for each design. Since the sheets themselves are larger than the t-shirts, there will always be some portions of the book that don't make it onto the shirts."

More information on the Lithographs special edition t-shirts of LES MISERABLES is available at the official site here.

View a larger version of a Lithographs t-shirt depicting LES MISERABLES below.

LES MISERABLES Lithograph T-Shirts Now Available

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