Brian Atwood Opens First Flagship in NYC

Brian Atwood Opens First Flagship in NYC

Brian Atwood announced the opening of its first flagship store at 655 Madison Avenue, at East 60th Street, in New York City . The store spans 1500 square feet of retail space and houses the largest selection of Brian Atwood product in the world.

Through the arched entryway, carved from a solid block of Rosso Fiorentino marble, are three shopping areas displaying Brian Atwood designer footwear, Brian Atwood handbag and B Brian Atwood contemporary footwear collections, each in a separate circular salon.  Designed to convey the glamorous lifestyle synonymous with Brian Atwood , the salons feature satin upholstered cylindrical displays, mirrored panel walls and rock crystal ornament detailing. The store's color palette ranges from aubergine and violet to sea foam and mercury.

Brian Atwood , Creative Director and Designer of Brian Atwood , said: "I wanted the store to be the chicest luxury haven – where beauty encompasses you from the moment you walk in, like a Faberge egg."

Other brand-centric design details include stiletto heel facade window displays and shelving with mohair and antique bronze trimmed shoe trays. The Sofield-designed custom furniture, such as the curved settees in violet mohair with bullion fringe trim and the satin scroll benches, is a mix of Regency and French flourish.

William Sofield , Principal of Studio Sofield, said: "The design for Brian Atwood 's store began in memory...the memory of a kinder, slightly more fanciful New York of my childhood. I remember vividly the splendor of shops that were optimistic and opulent. This store design is a nod to all those technicolor interiors that reveled in their bold aesthetics. They inspired me to create interiors that are sensuous and secluded and are a respite from the mundane."

Visitors to the store will be the first to shop limited edition items and store-exclusive styles with signature touches including "655 Madison Avenue" plaques on the soles. Brian's favorite styles are labeled with Quick Response (QR) codes, allowing customers to use their smart phone or an in-store iPad to activate a series of videos in which the designer shares insider details like his inspiration and other anecdotes, creating a museum-like experience. Loyal Brian Atwood fans will also be able to take advantage of VIP services, including private shopping opportunities and, coming this Holiday season, a made-to-order program.