Tina Turbin Announces Releases eBook, 'I'm Celiac and the Gluten-Free Diet is Not Helping!'

Tina Turbin Announces Releases eBook, 'I'm Celiac and the Gluten-Free Diet is Not Helping!'

Tina Turbin, the paleo diet advocate and critically-acclaimed author, has announced that her eBook, "I'm Celiac and the Gluten-Free Diet is NOT Helping!" is now available for sale broadly across the internet for all major eReaders and on her website, http://www.PaleoGlutenFreeRecipes.com. The eBook is the third of many eBooks on the paleo diet by Turbin that will be released over the course of 2013.

"My first two eBooks generated an awful lot of response from the celiac community," said Turbin. "In this latest eBook, I've done my best to answer all the many questions I've received about the paleo diet as a potential way to help heal from damage caused by celiac disease or even gluten sensitivity."

"I'm Celiac and the Gluten-Free Diet is NOT Helping!" has now been released for all major eReaders and is also available on Turbin's website, http://www.PaleoGlutenFreeRecipes.com. The eBook provides specific information to grain-free eating on the paleo diet as a potential answer for celiac patients who have failed to experience enough improvement on the gluten-free diet, known as Refractory Celiac Disease. According to recent evidence, people with celiac disease (an autoimmune condition triggered by gluten) who aren't able to heal on a gluten-free diet may find relief on a totally grain-free diet such as the paleo diet. Turbin, a diagnosed celiac who has experienced the relief of her celiac symptoms and health issues resolved after eating grain-free on the paleo diet, says, "After my experiences and hearing from many others with similar situations, I really wanted to get this information out there, so people can make better informed decisions about their own health."

Turbin has emerged as a leading paleo advocate who has been raising awareness about the paleo diet broadly and in the gluten-free community. She is well-known in the gluten-free community for founding GlutenFreeHelp.info, which was voted the #2 .info website in the world out of over 6.7 million registered .info websites and is now managed by Turbin's daughter, Miranda Jade Turbin. Tina Turbin later turned to the inherently gluten-free paleo diet and founded http://www.PaleoGlutenFreeRecipes.com in 2013. The new website contains an abundance of paleo recipes and resources about the paleo gluten-free diet and lifestyle, including FAQs, free tip sheets, and paleo kitchen tips. Turbin's recipes have been shared broadly across the internet and all of Turbin's social sites, including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

According to Turbin, many more eBooks on the paleo diet will soon follow, in which she will supply as much information as possible about the paleo diet and lifestyle. In the meantime, she remains extremely busy in her kitchen developing more paleo recipes on a daily basis to suit the needs of her readers, many of whom are looking for easy paleo recipes that fit into their busy lifestyle, and for those who are looking forward to her cookbook.