Leading Glass Artists Join Galleria 2014

An exciting new partnership between the BIG Industry Show, the High Times US Cannabis Cup and Galleria will see glass blowing celebrated in a major way in Colorado next year. The 2014 Galleria event is set to be the biggest and most impressive exhibition to date, running over three days from April 16 thru 18 at the Denver Convention Center.

The first two days the exhibition will be available for businesses only while the last day, April 18, it will open its doors to the public. The Galleria Exhibition and Expo is organized by BIG Publications, and High Times in cooperation for the first time. Formula 420 is the platinum sponsor of the event.

The purpose of Galleria is to promote self-expression through artwork, including using glass as a medium. This venue enables artists to explore new ideas and measure their competences comparable only to the worlds best. A showcase of only the top glass artists.

The emphasis of Galleria is the combining of art with functionality. Every piece on display is an artwork in itself, but with a focus on functional art, meaning it has a practical purpose as well as being aesthetically beautiful. This is a key part of what makes the show so unique and why the 2014 event is already garnering interest from customers across the globe.

With the world's top glass artists present, individual glass creations can fetch high prices at Galleria and some pieces have been known to sell for over $25,000 at previous years' events. A huge range of more wallet-friendly creations are also available, meaning that every attendee has the opportunity to take home something from their favourite artist at this imaginative and impressive show. Visitors from all over the world will attend this incomparable exhibition and expo adding a note of multi-culture aura in the event.

Alongside Galleria, the BIG Industry Show will run on April 16 and 17. This leading business to business event traditionally attracts the biggest and best in the smoke shop industry, setting the standards and trends for the year ahead.

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by Barry Kostrinsky