Brian Dailey's MOTH TO A FLAME is February's Midnight Moment in Times Square

Brian Dailey's MOTH TO A FLAME is February's Midnight Moment in Times Square

The brilliant colors of artist Brian Dailey's Jikai will create an even more vibrant environment in Times Square as part of February's Midnight Moment. Dailey's work will premiere just before midnight on February 1st and play every night throughout February from 11:57 p.m. - midnight, welcoming a month of love and attraction in Times Square.

Midnight Moment, a synchronized program on over fifteen of the largest digital signs in Times Square, is a presentation of Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts. This month, Art Production Fund (APF), a non-profit organization dedicated to commissioning and producing ambitious public art projects, joins TSAC and Times Square Arts as an additional partner for Midnight Moment.

Dailey works in diverse media including the photographic process, digital film, installations, and painting. In Jikai, he depicts a moth fluttering about a light bulb against a transitioning scarlet to violet background. Jikai references Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, specifically the quote: "Thus hath the candle singed the moth." The reference is a commentary on how people are irresistibly and dangerously attracted to something that they know could lead to their downfall. Dailey has dedicated his film to the Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, whose seminal work insightfully commented on the contemporary issues of people and society.

"Metaphors are often a more powerful form to communicate the challenges and issues facing a society," said Brian Dailey.

Toby Sturek, Chairman of the Times Square Advertising Coalition, said: "We're delighted to showcase Brian Dailey's unique film on the Times Square screens as part of February's Midnight Moment. New Yorkers and visitors will surely pause to admire and interpret this fascinating and brilliant video."

Tim Tompkins, President of the Times Square Alliance, said: "Jikai will add even more vibrancy to the already vibrant Times Square during the cold, dark month of February."

Sherry Dobbin, Times Square Arts Director, said: "Attraction is a force which engages, enriches and challenges our lives-from intimate encounters to global issues. Everyone can relate to this month's draw to luminescence. And what epitomizes luminescence more than Times Square?"

Doreen Remen and Yvonne Force Villareal, Co-Founders of Art Production Fund, said: Brian Dailey is an artist who has long followed his own voice, and as a result creates work that both questions and inspires. It is very fitting to bring it to the audiences of Times Square."

The following digital screens are participating in the February Midnight Moment:

ABC Super Sign, American Eagle Times Square, Bank of America, CEMUSA, City Outdoor, Disney Store Spectacular, JVC Screen, NASDAQ, Spectacolor HD129 / Times Square Museum & Visitor Center Marquee, ClearChannel HD128, Spectacolor HD127 / CNN Screen, Times Square Museum & Visitor Center, Viacom North & South (SL Green Realty) Thomson Reuters and 7TS (7 Times Square).

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