R.Evolucion Latina Hosts 4th Annual D2GB Children's Performing Arts Camp

R.Evolucion Latina Hosts 4th Annual D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp

R.Evolución Latina is happy to announce that they have expanded their 4th Annual D2GB ("Dare to Go Beyond") Children's Performing Arts Camp to run for a FULL Week, from July 18th to July 22nd, 2011.

R.Evolución Latina, who serves the Latino communities throughout the five boroughs of New York and is expanding globally to places such as Panama, Peru, and India, will use a unique array of programs including dance, acting, theatre, and voice, to provide campers with an active and inspiring educational experience. An added focus of this year's program will be health awareness and the importance of physical activity as we address the growing concern of obesity in our Latino children. Through the arts, we will empower the youth to recognize the importance of leading and maintaining a healthy life. This free camp will provide more than 150 underserved children ages 7-17 the chance to experience the arts through classes taught by NYC and International Artists from the theatre, music, dance, and Latino communities.

This year Luis Salgado, Gabriela Garcia, Ali Solomon, Denisse Ambert and Heather Hogan will advance R.Evolucion Latina's mission of Daring to Go Beyond in several ways. Last year Corbin Bleu surprised150 campers at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater where the camp concluded with the promise of taking more kids to a bigger theater and letting them be the stars onstage. That is why Director/Choreographer Luis Salgado will make a pause in his new production to teach every day in this year's camp and guide the campers toward a final presentation at El Museo Del Barrio. Parents, family members, camp teachers, and camp supporters are invited to attend this very special presentation that will begin at 2:00pm on Friday, July 22nd.

The 4th annual D2GB Children's Performing Arts Camp is possible thanks to the love and passion of performers, dancers, singers, and talented volunteers who donate their time as believers in this organization and what it has done in 4 short years. The camp will have a special visit from El Trotamundos, a character developed by Puerto Rican artist Axel Serrant who is returning to R.Evolución Latina after teaching at our first camp in 2008.

This year's teachers include Andrea Patterson, April Ortiz (In the Heights), Bill Santiago, Christina Black (In the Heights), Derric Harris (A Free Man of Color), Doreen Montalvo (In the Heights), Elasea Douglas (Fela), Gabriela Garcia (Chicago the Musical), Gabrielle Ruiz (In the Heights), Ian Hersey (The Public Theatre), Io Alfonso (9 to 5), James Harkness (Kiss of the Spiderwoman & Swing), Jamie Lozano (Yellow Brick Road), Jared Stein (Hair), Javier Muñoz (In the Heights), Jerome Harmann, Joe Tuttle (Broken Box Mime Theater), José Ortiz & BombaYo, José Restrepo (Grease), Josh Bergasse ("Smash"), Marcos Santana (In The Heights & White Noise), Melissa Rae Mahon (Chicago the Musical), Rebecca Larkin (Avenue Q), Reza Salazar, Rickey Tripp ("Smash" & In the Heights), Roni Flores (D1 Dance Company of Peru), Rosie Fiedelman (In the Heights), Stephanie Klemons (Bring it On), Taharqa (Singer/Songwriter), Valeria Cossu (Mayumaná & The Wedding Singer-Madrid), Valerie Salgado (I'll Be Damned), Will Shaw (Broken Box Mime Theater) and R.Evolución Latina's very own founder/Director Luis Salgado (In the Heights & Women On The Verge).

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