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EDINBURGH 2022: Larry Dean Q&A

EDINBURGH 2022: Larry Dean Q&A

EDINBURGH 2022: Larry Dean Q&A

BWW catches up with Larry Dean to chat about bringing Fudnut to the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tell us a bit about Fudnut.

Fudnut is a scottish word that basically means, 'fanny head'. Which isn't anything to do with the show, probably more the general vibe i give off ha! Although i do joke about the perception people have of me and how mine on other people and situations have changed. That usually comes from big life events, so who's hasn't changed in the past few years?

What have you been up to since your 2018 show Bampot?

In 2019, I had to take a year off the fringe and was working towards a worldwide 2020 tour. This year I've been catching up on 2 years of work. I shouldn't complain about being tired as I missed it so much, but I will no doubt.

Are you looking forward to returning to Monkey Barrel after your WIP run last year?

Yes i cant wait! Last year I was playing around with ideas and was doing a lot of banter with the audience. Like many other performers, I found it such a fun laid back festival at the 2021 fringe. This year will probably be more stressful at points, but I'm excited for the buzz around the city and to see the people I've missed a lot since the pandemic. Interview me in September and ill tell you who I dont want to see for another 2 years though ha!

Who would you recommend comes to see Fudnut?

Im really lucky as the audiences that usually come and see me are so much fun. So I'd recommend they come back if they have enjoyed me as much as I've enjoyed them. Also anyone that has nothing better to do at 8pm every day. I'll always welcome the handful of Americans that come along to politely nod through my show too.

And who would you suggest maybe doesn't?

Last fringe i had a stag party in the front row, they wanted the show to be all about them. They aren't invited back.

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