Stratford Festival 2023 Special Holiday Presale Begins Next Week

Programmed around a theme of Duty vs Desire, the 2023 season features the musicals Rent and Monty Python’s Spamalot.

By: Dec. 08, 2022
Stratford Festival 2023 Special Holiday Presale Begins Next Week

The Stratford Festival is putting the finishing touches on casting and will soon open its box office for a special holiday pre-sale for tickets to the 13 exciting shows of the 2023 season. With savings up to 25%, this is a perfect opportunity to secure tickets for your favourite shows or buy gifts for the theatre-lovers on your list.

Programmed around a theme of Duty vs Desire, the 2023 season features the musicals Rent and Monty Python's Spamalot. Both are ideal for gift-giving, as is the family show A Wrinkle in Time. Shakespeare lovers have four plays to see, King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing, Richard II and Love's Labour's Lost. It is a season of exceptional variety, also featuring Les Belles-Soeurs, Frankenstein Revived, Grand Magic, Wedding Band, Casey and Diana and Women of the Fur Trade.

With casting for the 2023 season virtually complete, the Festival makes the following casting announcements, supplementing the names announced on November 1:

Love's Labour's Lost will feature Tyrone Savage as Berowne and Amaka Umeh as Rosaline, with Gordon S. Miller as Don Armado, Steve Ross as Boyet and Michael Spencer-Davis as Holofernes.

The cast also includes Elizabeth Adams (Katharine), Hilary Adams, Celia Aloma (Princess of France), Christo Graham (Moth), Jordin Hall (King of Navarre), Matthew Kabwe (Nathaniel), Wahsontí:io Kirby (Costard), Qianna MacGilchrist (Maria), Chris Mejaki (Longaville), Chanakya Mukherjee (Dumaine), Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Andrew Robinson (Marcade), Jane Spidell (Dull) and Hanna Wigglesworth (Jaquenetta).

Joining the cast of King Lear are David W. Keeley as the Earl of Kent, André Sills as Edgar, and Shannon Taylor as Goneril.

Also joining the cast are Anousha Alamian (Messenger), Gabriel Antonacci, Andrew Iles (Duke of Burgundy), Patrick McManus (Gentleman), Marissa Orjalo and Jennifer Villaverde.

As previously announced, Paul Gross will play King Lear, with Michael Blake as Edmund, Déjah Dixon-Green as Regan, Anthony Santiago as the Earl of Gloucester, Tara Sky as Cordelia and Gordon Patrick White as Fool.

Joining the cast of Rent are Erica Peck as Maureen Johnson, Lee Siegel as Tom Collins, and Olivia Sinclair-Brisbane as Joanne Jefferson. Also newly added to the cast are Gabriel Antonacci, Noah Beemer (Paul), Malinda Carroll (swing), Alex Wierzbicki (Steve) and Travae Williams (swing).

As previously announced, they join Andrea Macasaet as Mimi Marquez, Robert Markus as Mark Cohen, Kolton Stewart as Roger Davis, Jahlen Barnes as Benjamin Coffin III, and Nestor Lozano Junior as Angel Dumott Schunard.

Much Ado About Nothing will feature Patrick McManus as Leonato, and André Sills as Don Pedro. Also joining the cast are Anousha Alamian (Sexton), Ijeoma Emesowum, David W. Keeley and Danté Prince (Oatcake).

As previously announced they join Graham Abbey as Benedick, Maev Beaty as Beatrice, Michael Blake as Don John, Austin Eckert as Claudio, Allison Edwards-Crewe as Hero, and Anthony Santiago as Antonio.

Les Belles-Soeurs will feature Bola Aiyeola as Des-Neiges Verrette, Joella Crichton as Yvette Longpre, Irene Poole as Therese Dubuc, Shannon Taylor as Marie-Ange Brouillette, and Jennifer Villaverde as Lisette de Courval. Also joining the cast are Ijeoma Emesowum (Linda Lauzon), Liza Huget and Marissa Orjalo (Lise Paquette).

As previously announced Seana McKenna will play Rose Ouimet and Lucy Peacock will play Germaine Lauzon, with Diana Leblanc as Olivine Dubuc, and Jane Luk as Gabrielle Jodoin.

Joining the cast of Monty Python's Spamalot are Josh Doig (Prince Herbert), Henry Firmston (Historian and Not Dead Fred) and McKinley Knuckle.

As previously announced the musical features Jonathan Goad as King Arthur, with Eddie Glen as Patsy, Aaron Krohn as Sir Lancelot, Trevor Patt as Sir Robin, Jennifer Rider-Shaw as the Lady of the Lake, and Liam Tobin as Sir Galahad.

Noah Beemer will take on a lead role of Charles Wallace Murry in A Wrinkle in Time. Also joining the cast are Gemaine Konji, Beck Lloyd (Mother) and Jamie Mac (Father).

As previously announced, Celeste Catena will play Meg Murry, with Kim Horsman as Mrs. Which, Nestor Lozano Junior as Mrs. Whatsit, Robert Markus as Calvin O'Keefe, and Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah as Mrs. Who.

Josh Doig (swing) and McKinley Knuckle join the cast of Frankenstein Revived, which as previously announced features Charlie Gallant as Doctor Frankenstein, Laura Condlln as Mary Shelley and Marcus Nance as the Creature.

Beck Lloyd also joins the cast of Grand Magic as Marta Di Spelta, and Gordon S. Miller takes on the role of Calogero Di Spelta. Also joining the production are Elizabeth Adams (Rosa Intrugli), Hilary Adams (Neighbour), Thomas Duplessie, Justin Eddy, Christo Graham (Gennarino Fucecchia), Matthew Kabwe, Germaine Konji (Amelia Recchia), Jamie Mac (Gregorio Di Spelta), Qianna MacGilchrist (Signorina Zampa), Chanakya Mukherjee (Oreste Intrugli), Debbie Patterson (Signora Zampa), Tyrone Savage (Head Waiter), Michael Spencer-Davis, Jane Spidell and Emilio Vieira (Brigadiere).

As previously announced, Geraint Wyn Davies is playing Otto Marvuglia with Sarah Orenstein as Zaira Marvuglia.

In Richard II, Michael Spencer-Davis will play Edmund, Duke of York and Emilio Vieira will play the Duke of Aumerle. Also joining the cast are Celia Aloma, Malinda Carroll, Thomas Duplessie (Harry Percy/Hotspur), Justin Eddy (Groom), Matthew Kabwe (Lord Ross), Wahsontí:io Kirby, Heather Kosik, Chris Mejaki, Debbie Patterson (Duchess of York), Tyrone Savage (Thomas Mowbray), Olivia Sinclair-Brisbane, Jane Spidell, John Wamsley (Sir Henry Greene), Alex Wierzbicki, Hannah Wigglesworth (Queen Isabel) and Travae Williams.

As previously announced, Stephen Jackman-Torkoff will play Richard II, with David Collins as John of Gaunt, Jordin Hall as Henry Bolingbroke, and Sara Orenstein as Northumberland.

Ijeoma Emesowum joins the cast of Wedding Band to play Mattie. Also joining the production are Bola Aiyeola, Jonathan Mason (Shrimp Man), Irene Poole and Danté Prince.

As previously announced, Cyrus Lane plays Herman and Antonette Rudder plays Julia Augustine, with Maev Beaty as Annabelle, Joella Crichton as Lula Green, Liza Huget as Fanny Johnson, and Lucy Peacock as Herman's Mother.

In Casey and Diana, Linda Kash will play Marjorie, and Davinder Mahli will play André. As previously announced, they are joined by Sean Arbuckle as Thomas, Laura Condlln as Pauline, Krystin Pellerin as Diana and Sophia Walker as Vera.

Kathleen Maclean and Joelle Peters take on the lead roles of Marie-Angelique and Eugenia (respectively) in Women of the Fur Trade. As previously announced, they join Jenna-Lee Hyde as Cecilia, with Keith Barker as Louis Riel, and Nathan Howe as Thomas Scott.

Early-bird pricing is available through February 5, with prices increasing by up to 25% beginning on February 6. Tickets are available for purchase online beginning at noon on Monday, December 12. Beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, December 13, they are also available through the box office at 1.800.567.1600.

Proud Season Partners BMO Financial Group and RBC.


Support for the 2023 season of the Festival Theatre is generously provided by Daniel Bernstein & Claire Foerster

King Lear

By William Shakespeare

April 24 to October 29 | Opens May 30

Production support is generously provided by Catherine & David Wilkes.

Director: Kimberley Rampersad

Set Designer: Judith Bowden

Costume Designer: Michelle Bohn

Lighting Designer: Chris Malkowski

Composer: Sean Mayes

Sound Designer: Miquelon Rodriguez

King Lear: Paul Gross

Edmund: Michael Blake

Regan: Déjah Dixon-Green

Earl of Kent: David W. Keeley

Earl of Gloucester: Anthony Santiago

Edgar: André Sills

Cordelia: Tara Sky

Goneril: Shannon Taylor

Fool: Gordon Patrick White

Anousha Alamian (Messenger)

Gabriel Antonacci

Austin Eckert (Duke of Albany)

Allison Edwards-Crewe

Andrew Iles (Duke of Burgundy)

John Kirkpatrick

Josue Laboucane

Devin MacKinnon (Oswald)

Patrick McManus (Gentleman)

Marissa Orjalo

Jennifer Villaverde

Rylan Wilkie (Duke of Cornwall)

Perhaps Shakespeare's greatest tragedy, King Lear is the story of an aging king, who, in demanding a show of devotion from his three daughters, leaves his kingdom divided, his family destroyed, the faithful banished and the hateful left to wreak inhuman havoc in the realm.


Book, Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Larson

April 8 to October 28 | Opens June 2

Production support is generously provided by The David & Amy Fulton Foundation.

Director: Thom Allison

Choreographer: Marc Kimelman

Music Director: Franklin Brasz

Set Designer: Brandon Kleiman

Costume Designer: Ming Wong

Lighting Designer: Michael Walton

Sound Designer: Joshua Reid

Mimi Marquez: Andrea Macasaet

Mark Cohen: Robert Markus

Roger Davis: Kolton Stewart

Benjamin Coffin III: Jahlen Barnes

Angel Dumott Schunard: Nestor Lozano Junior

Maureen Johnson: Erica Peck

Tom Collins: Lee Siegel

Joanne Jefferson: Olivia Sinclair-Brisbane

Gabriel Antonacci

Noah Beemer (Paul)

Malinda Carroll (swing)

Celeste Catena

Christine Desjardins (swing)

Nick Dolan (Gordon)

Kelly Holiff (Mark's Mom)

Masini McDermott ("Seasons of Love" soloist)

Danielle Verayo

Alex Wierzbicki (Steve)

Travae Williams (swing)

Set in Manhattan in the 1990s and inspired by Puccini's opera La Bohème, this iconic musical follows a group of young East Village artists, performers and philosophers as they struggle through the hardships of poverty, societal discord and the AIDS epidemic in the search for life, love and art. With a song list that includes the iconic "Seasons of Love," Rent tells a story as relevant today as when it took Broadway by storm more than 25 years ago.

Much Ado About Nothing

By William Shakespeare

Additional text by Erin Shields

May 29 to October 27 | Opens June 16

Production support is generously provided by Priscilla Costello, by John & Therese Gardner, by the Harkins & Manning families in memory of Jim & Susan Harkins, by The Jentes Family and by Dr. Desta Leavine in memory of Pauline Leavine.

Director: Chris Abraham

Designer: Julie Fox

Lighting designer: Arun Srinivasan

Composer and Sound Designer: Thomas Ryder Payne

Benedick: Graham Abbey

Beatrice: Maev Beaty

Don John: Michael Blake

Claudio: Austin Eckert

Hero: Allison Edwards-Crewe

Leonato: Patrick McManus

Antonio: Anthony Santiago

Don Pedro: André Sills

Anousha Alamian (Sexton)

Déjah Dixon-Green (Margaret)

John Kirkpatrick (Verges)

Kevin Kruchkywich (Seacoal)

Josue Laboucane (Dogberry)

Cyrus Lane (Conrade)

Jennifer Villaverde

Gordon Patrick White (Friar Francis)

Rylan Wilkie (Balthasar)

Micah Woods (Messenger)

Much Ado About Nothing follows Beatrice and Benedick, two quick-witted and sarcastic individuals who are happily single, but whose friends believe would make a great romantic match. Set in the Early Modern world, an era of ever-changing attitudes towards marriage and power, the play presents a society at once filled with progressive feminist impulses and countervailing forces rooted in traditional patriarchal values. With his astonishing wit and insight, Shakespeare explores the complexities that underlie these growing social tensions.

Les Belles-Soeurs

By Michel Tremblay

Translated by John Van Burek and Bill Glassco

August 8 to October 28 | Opens August 25

Production support is generously provided by Sylvia D. Chrominska, by Cathy & Paul Cotton,

by Jane Fryman Laird, by Dr. Robert J. & Roberta Sokol and by Jack Whiteside.

Director: Esther Jun

Set Designer: Joanna Yu

Costume Designer: Michelle Bohn

Lighting Designer: Louise Guinand

Composer and Sound Designer: Maddie Bautista

Rose Ouimet: Seana McKenna

Germaine Lauzon: Lucy Peacock

Des-Neiges Verrette: Bola Aiyeola

Yvette Longpre: Joella Crichton

Olivine Dubuc: Diana Leblanc

Gabrielle Jodoin: Jane Luk

Therese Dubuc: Irene Poole

Marie-Ange Brouillette: Shannon Taylor

Lisette de Courval: Jennifer Villaverde

Akosua Amo-Adem (Angeline Sauve)

Allison Edwards-Crewe (Pierrette Guerin)

Ijeoma Emesowum (Linda Lauzon)

Liza Huget

Marissa Orjalo (Lise Paquette)

Antonette Rudder

Tara Sky (Ginette Ménard)

Les Belles-Soeurs portrays 15 Québécois women expressing their anger, desperation and frustration loudly, rudely and audaciously. Germaine Lauzon has won a million stamps in a contest. She invites her family and neighbours into her kitchen to help paste them into booklets. Fighting for any power in their suffocating lives, the women yell, backstab, dream and steal in grand theatrical style.


Monty Python's Spamalot

Book and Lyrics by Eric Idle | Music by John Du Prez and Eric Idle

A new musical lovingly ripped off from the motion picture "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

From the original screenplay by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin

April 19 to October 28 | Opens May 31

Production support is generously provided by The David & Amy Fulton Foundation and by The William & Nona Heaslip Foundation.

Director: Lezlie Wade

Choreographer: Jesse Robb

Music Director: Laura Burton

Designer: David Boechler

Lighting Designer: Renée Brode

Sound Designer: Emily Porter

Projection Designer: Sean Nieuwenhuis

King Arthur: Jonathan Goad

Patsy: Eddie Glen

Sir Lancelot: Aaron Krohn

Sir Robin: Trevor Patt

Lady of the Lake: Jennifer Rider-Shaw

Sir Galahad: Liam Tobin

Carla Bennett

Devon Michael Brown (Brother Maynard)

Amanda De Freitas

Aidan deSalaiz (Sir Bedevere)

Josh Doig (Prince Herbert)

Henry Firmston (Not Dead Fred)

Evangelia Kambites

McKinley Knuckle

Bethany Kovarik

Ayrin Mackie

Anthony MacPherson (swing)

Heather McGuigan (swing)

Kyla Musselman

Jason Sermonia

Month Python's Spamalot offers up a hefty share of irreverence in a hilarious spoof of the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table as they go in search of the Holy Grail. This outrageous comedy lets us look at our flaws and foibles and in doing so allows us to laugh at the things that make us human.

Schulich Children's Plays

World Première Adaptation

A Wrinkle in Time

By Madeleine L'Engle

Adapted for the stage by Thomas Morgan Jones

May 18 to October 29 | Opens June 17

Production support is generously provided by The Schulich Foundation.

Director: Thomas Morgan Jones

Set Designer: Teresa Przybylski

Costume Designer: Robin Fisher

Lighting Designer: Kimberly Purtell

Composer and Sound Designer: Deana H. Choi

Projection Designer: jaymez

Charles Wallace Murry: Noah Beemer

Meg Murry: Celeste Catena

Mrs. Which: Kim Horsman

Mrs. Whatsit: Nestor Lozano Junior

Calvin O'Keefe: Robert Markus

Mrs. Who: Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah

Jahlen Barnes

Christine Desjardins

Nick Dolan

Kelly Holiff

Evangelia Kambites

Germaine Konji

Beck Lloyd (Mother)

Jamie Mac (Father)

Masini McDermott

Erica Peck (Happy Medium)

In this beloved family story, a young heroine leads her brother and a friend on a spectacular journey through space and time, from galaxy to galaxy, to save the world and rescue her father who mysteriously disappeared while working on an astounding scientific concept.

World Première

Frankenstein Revived

By Morris Panych

Music by David Coulter

Based on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

August 6 to October 28 | Opens August 24

Production support is generously provided by The Fabio Mascarin Foundation, by Jody & Deborah Hamade and by Martie & Bob Sachs. Support for the creation of Frankenstein Revived is generously provided by The Foerster Bernstein New Play Development Program.

Director: Morris Panych

Music Director: David Coulter

Movement Choreographer: Wendy Gorling

Dance Choreographer: Stephen Cota

Set Designer: Ken MacDonald

Costume Designer: Dana Osborne

Lighting Designer: Kimberly Purtell

Sound Designer: Jake Rodriguez

Doctor Frankenstein: Charlie Gallant

Mary Shelley: Laura Condlln

The Creature: Marcus Nance

Sean Arbuckle

Carla Bennett

Devon Michael Brown (Henry Clerval)

Amanda De Freitas

Josh Doig (swing)

Mateo G. Torres

Eddie Glen

McKinley Knuckle

Bethany Kovarik (swing)

Ayrin Mackie

Anthony MacPherson

Heather McGuigan

Kyla Musselman

Trevor Patt

Jason Sermonia

Focussing on Mary Shelley, who at just 18 wrote the most celebrated horror story in English literature, this exuberant and passion-filled theatrical movement-based piece explores the big question at the heart of her work: what does it mean to be human?

Tom Patterson THEATRE

World Première Translation

Grand Magic

By Eduardo De Filippo

In a new English translation by John Murrell

May 6 to September 29 | Opens June 3

Production support is generously provided by Robert & Mary Ann Gorlin, by Dr. M.L. Myers, by Northpine Foundation and by Sylvia Soyka.

Director: Antoni Cimolino

Set Designer: Lorenzo Savoini

Costume Designer: Francesca Callow

Lighting Designer: Lorenzo Savoini

Composer: Wayne Kelso

Sound Designer: Ramil Sonnadara

Otto Marvuglia: Geraint Wyn Davies

Marta Di Spelta: Beck Lloyd

Calogero Di Spelta: Gordon S. Miller

Zaira Marvuglia: Sarah Orenstein

Elizabeth Adams (Rosa Intrugli)

Hilary Adams (Neighbour)

David Collins (Arturo Recchia)

Sarah Dodd (Signora Marino)

Thomas Duplessie

Justin Eddy

Christo Graham (Gennarino Fucecchia)

Jordin Hall (Mariano D'Albino)

Kim Horsman (Matilde)

Stephen Jackman-Torkoff (Roberto Magliano)

Matthew Kabwe

Germaine Konji (Amelia Recchia)

Jamie Mac (Gregorio Di Spelta)

Qianna MacGilchrist (Signora Zampa)

Chanakya Mukherjee (Oreste Intrugli)

Debbie Patterson (Signora Zampa)

Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah (Signora Locascio)

Steve Ross (Gervasio Penna)

Tyrone Savage (Head Waiter)

Michael Spencer-Davis

Jane Spidell

Emilio Vieira (Brigadiere)

This funny, thought-provoking and deeply moving play will be presented in a new English translation by John Murrell. In it, we find Otto Marvuglia, a once master illusionist, reduced to performing magic for money at a seaside resort. When one of his tricks seems to go awry, a guest tumbles into a world of illusion as another escapes an unhappy reality.

World Première Adaptation

Richard II

By William Shakespeare

Adapted by Brad Fraser | Conceived by Jillian Keiley

May 23 to September 28 | Opens June 17

Production support is generously provided by The Westaway Charitable Foundation.

Director: Jillian Keiley

Choreographer: Cameron Carver

Set Designer: Michael Gianfrancesco

Costume Designer: Bretta Gerecke

Lighting Designer: Leigh Ann Vardy

Richard II: Stephen Jackman-Torkoff

John of Gaunt: David Collins

Henry Bolingbroke: Jordin Hall

Helena Percy, Countess of Northumberland: Sarah Orenstein

Edmund, Duke of York: Michael Spencer-Davis

Duke of Aumerle: Emilio Vieira

Celia Aloma

Malinda Carroll

Sarah Dodd (Lady Scroope)

Thomas Duplessie (Harry Percy / Hotspur)

Justin Eddy (Groom)

Mateo G. Torres

Charlie Gallant (Lord Willoughby)

Matthew Kabwe (Lord Ross)

Wahsontí:io Kirby

Heather Kosik

Chris Mejaki

Marcus Nance (Abbot of Westminster)

Debbie Patterson (Duchess of York)

Andrew Robinson (Sir John Bushy)

Steve Ross (Bishop of Carlisle)

Tyrone Savage (Thomas Mowbray)

Olivia Sinclair-Brisbane

Jane Spidell

Danielle Verayo

John Wamsley (Sir Henry Greene)

Alex Wierzbicki

Hannah Wigglesworth (Queen Isabel)

Travae Williams

Richard II is the story of a king who believes that God gives him the right to live above the rules and who ultimately suffers the consequences. Newly adapted by Brad Fraser, this production will be set in the late 1970s and early '80s, a time of new-found freedom that is soon to be crushed, when lives were lived at great volume against a suffocating strain of judgement and fear. Fraser's adaptation uses Shakespeare's text for Richard II and draws from other Shakespeare works as well.

Wedding Band

By Alice Childress

June 20 to October 1 | Opens July 14

Selection of this play was supported by extensive research conducted by Hannah Rittner with support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Production support is generously provided by Peter & Carol Walters.

Director: Sam White

Set Designer: Richard Morris

Costume Designer: Sarah Uwadiae

Lighting Designer: Kathy Perkins

Composer: Beau Dixon

Sound Designer: Debashis Sinha

Herman: Cyrus Lane

Julia: Antonette Rudder

Annabelle: Maev Beaty

Lula Green: Joella Crichton

Mattie: Ijeoma Emesowum

Fanny Johnson: Liza Huget

Herman's Mother: Lucy Peacock

Bola Aiyeola

Kevin Kruchkywich (the Bell Man)

Jonathan Mason (Shrimp Man)

Irene Poole

Danté Prince

Micah Woods (Nelson)

This stellar work, written with great precision and powerful storytelling, gives an emotional portrayal of a relationship between a Black seamstress, Julia, and a white baker, Herman, in the shadow of the First World War and the 1918 flu epidemic in Charleston, South Carolina. The couple's deep love and commitment face the cruel racism of the Deep South in a revealing portrayal of interracial love. They are forced to navigate the societal racism of laws and culture, along with heartbreaking judgment from their own families and communities.


World Première | Stratford Festival Commission

Casey and Diana

By Nick Green

May 23 to June 17 | Opens June 1

Production support is generously provided by Alan Rowe & Bryan Blenkin and by three generations of the Schubert family. Support for the creation of Casey and Diana is generously provided by The Foerster Bernstein New Play Development Program.

Director: Andrew Kushnir

Designer: Joshua Quinlan

Lighting Designer: Louise Guinand

Composer and Sound Designer: Debashis Sinha

Thomas: Sean Arbuckle

Pauline: Laura Condlln

Marjorie: Linda Kash

André: Davinder Malhi

Diana: Krystin Pellerin

Vera: Sophia Walker

Casey and Diana is set in 1991, as the Toronto AIDS hospice, Casey House, prepares for the historic visit of Diana, Princess of Wales. This potent and moving drama vividly captures a moment in time when a rebel Princess, alongside less famous caregivers and advocates, reshaped the course of a pandemic - and how those stricken by the virus found hard-won dignity, community and love in the face of astonishing hardship.

Women of the Fur Trade

By Frances Koncan

July 8 to July 30 | Opens July 15

Production support is generously provided by Karon C. Bales & Charles E. Beall.

Director: Yvette Nolan

Set Designer: Samantha McCue

Costume Designer: Jeff Chief

Lighting Designer: Michelle Ramsay

Composer and Sound Designer: Debashis Sinha

Cecilia: Jenna-Lee Hyde

Marie-Angelique: Kathleen Maclean

Eugenia: Joelle Peters

Louis Riel: Keith Barker

Thomas Scott: Nathan Howe

Women of the Fur Trade is set in eighteen hundred and something-something, somewhere upon the banks of a Reddish River in Treaty One Territory, where three very different women with a preference for 21st-century slang sit in a fort sharing their views on life, love and the hot nerd Louis Riel. This lively historical satire of survival and cultural inheritance shifts perspectives from the male gaze onto women's power in the past and present through the lens of the rapidly changing world of the Canadian fur trade.

Love's Labour's Lost

By William Shakespeare

August 23 to October 1 | Opens September 9

Production support is generously provided by Catherine Elliot Shaw in memory of John D. Shaw and by the Tremain family. The appearance of members of the Birmingham Conservatory in Love's Labour's Lost is generously supported by The Marilyn and Charles Baillie Fund and by Alice & Tim Thornton

Director: Peter Pasyk

Set Designer: Julie Fox

Lighting Designer: Arun Srinivasan

Composer and Sound Designer: Thomas Ryder Payne

Berowne: Tyrone Savage

Rosaline: Amaka Umeh

Don Armado: Gordon S. Miller

Boyet: Steve Ross

Holofernes: Michael Spencer-Davis

Elizabeth Adams (Katharine)

Celia Aloma (Princess of France)

Christo Graham (Moth)

Jordin Hall (King of Navarre)

Matthew Kabwe (Nathaniel)

Wahsontí:io Kirby (Costard)

Qianna MacGilchrist (Maria)

Chris Mejaki (Longaville)

Chanakya Mukherjee (Dumaine)

Andrew Robinson (Marcade)

Jane Spidell (Dull)

Hanna Wigglesworth (Jaquenetta)

In this beloved early comedy, Shakespeare delivers a touching and funny coming-of-age story with a twist ending. Seeking self-improvement, the King of Navarre and his three best friends swear off sex and love for three years, just as the Princess of France and three other women arrive on a diplomatic mission. Pasyk will give this classic play a fresh and modern take.

For more information, please visit Click Here.

BroadwayWorld Awards Voting


Review: CHRIS, MRS. at Winter Garden Theatre Photo
Review: CHRIS, MRS. at Winter Garden Theatre

CHRIS, MRS., bills itself as a musical version of a Hallmark holiday movie, and it does exactly—and I mean exactly—what it says on the tin. If you are a lover of Hallmark family entertainment, you’ll be over the moon for this show. It boasts entertaining lyrics, killer dance moves, adorable children, and a quirky, can-do spirt. That also means that it has ALL the parts of a Hallmark movie, for better or for worse.

Nancy Webster to Step Down as Executive Director of Young Peoples Theatre Photo
Nancy Webster to Step Down as Executive Director of Young People's Theatre

Young People’s Theatre has announced that Nancy Webster will step down as Executive Director at the end of the 2023.24 season, after more than 15 years of extraordinary leadership.

Interview: Liam Tobin And Danielle Wade of CHRIS, MRS. at the Winter Garden Theatre Photo
Interview: Liam Tobin And Danielle Wade of CHRIS, MRS. at the Winter Garden Theatre

Are you a Christmas cheerleader? A decorated-tree devotee? Do you love Hallmark Christmas movies so much you wish you could see one live? Well, CHRIS, MRS., aims to fulfil that need.

Talia Schlanger Comes to TD Music Hall in February Photo
Talia Schlanger Comes to TD Music Hall in February

TD Music Hall welcomes Talia Schlanger on Thursday, February 15, 2024 who today releases “See You Home”, her new single from her forthcoming debut album Grace for the Going, available February 2, 2024 via Latent Recordings.

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