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Feature: PIPPI AT CIRKUS Comes To Cirkus

Pippi At Cirkus to open 1 of July

Feature: PIPPI AT CIRKUS Comes To Cirkus Pippi at Cirkus has been postponed for two years it will open now the 1st of July.

Parts of the creative team and Pippi herself presented the circusmusical which is based on one chapter from the book by Astrid Lindgren about Pippi Longstocking and her friends Tommy and Annika. For the first time some parts of the newly written music was played and as some of it is written by Björn and Benny it did have some ABBA-vibes to it. Catchy music which has the potential to be new classical Pippi-songs.

The creative team and Pippi seems to be very eager to get the show started in July. The time for it is perfect now as it is a time where we need to find the inner child in us and make the impossible possible. Björn is the oldest person in the team but everyone keeps saying that he is very young at heart and brings out the child and the spirit like no one else. He sees Pippi as an inspiration, a rebel of the best kind and who can remind us of nothing is impossible. Be curious and try new thing. In order to get the lyrics right and have the right Pippi-vibe to the words, he has worked closely with Malin Billing, Astrid Lindgrens grandchild, who been able to say "That's not something Pippi would say". The story about Pippi at Cirkus is just a chapter so they have added and interpreted how Astrid would have done to extend it. It's been key to all to handle the story and characters with respect to its core.

The creative team has worked very closely together to make the story about Pippis visit to the Cirkus come alive and combine the cirkus, musical and theater genres to one seamless costume. It was not easy to find the right Pippi as she needed to be able to master all three. First they thought one of the circus artist should be Pippi, but when Ida Breimo, a musical artist, did her audition, they instantly knew she was "their" Pippi. Since she was casted she has been working to learn the Cirkus art and now she blends in and with her aura of Pippi Power she looks as strong as any other of the Circus team, Tilde Björfors (director and artistic leader Cirkus Cirkör) told us.

The arena is actually named Cirkus as well. It was build as a Cirkus and opened in 1892. The building it self has given Tilde Björfors possibility to use it to its full extend with the Circus artist. Pippi will be able to walk on a thin robe and fly across the theater. Even some of the musicians will be flying.

Björn Ulvaeus has written all the lyrcis and he came up with new lyrics almost every day. During the day getting inspired watching rehearsals and then the next morning presenting an new amazing lyrics.

Hearing the creative team taking about the process was very inspiring and this will be a cirkus musical experience never seen before, a show for everyone in a family! Be sure to get your tickets as it is only scheduled to play 1st of July to 14 of August. The show time is 1 hour and 15 min.

A CD will be released prior to opening of the show.

Pippi: Ida Breimo
Pippi understudy: Lovisa Svensson
Ringmaster: Angela Wand
Prussiluskan: Anna Lagerqvist
Kling: Henrik Agger
Klang: Hamadi Khemiri/Aaron Hakala
The Juggler/Pierre: Petter Wadsten
Carmencita: Sara Sanchez Runsten
Strong Adolf: Axel Ahl
Elvira: Lisa Angberg
Henry 1: Nilas Kronlid/Lukas Ivanow
Tommy: Axel Adelöw/Jack Bergenholtz Henriksson/Oscar Svensson/Hampus Nyberg
Annika: Estrid Henricson/Leah Nyström/Siri Öhman/Benthe Börjesson Liebert


Drums, percussion, xylophone, marimba, vocals: Per Svenner
Contrabass, vocals, keyboard: Christopher Ek
Guitar, violin, contrabass, vocals: Matilda Fritzell
Accordion, keyboard, trumpet, harmonica, vocals: Albin Grahn
Vocals, guitar, flute: Mija Folkesson

Creative team

Lyrics/Music/Script: Björn Ulvaeus
Circus Direction/Script: Tilde Björfors
Script: Maria Blom
Direction: Maria Löfgren
Scenography/Costume design: Magdalena Åberg
Wigmaker/Mask: Theresia Frisk
Musical Director: Mathias Venge
Sound Design: Mathias Winther
Light Design: Ellen Ruge
Light assistant: Robert Hvenström
Technical Circus Design: Ulf Poly Nylin
Props: Sara Selander
Mask assistant: Cais-Marie Björnlod
Choreographer: Ambra Succi
Stage Manager: Andréa Fleischer
Playwright: Gertrud Larsson
Direction assistant: Camilla Hammarström
Costume assistant: Barbro Lennartsdotter Söderholm

Creative Producer: Patrik Krall

Executive producer: Björn Ulvaeus

Tickets are on sale at:

More information about the show:

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