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BWW catches up with Susie K Taylor to chat about bringing Jewbana to the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tell us about Jewbana

Right before your very eyes, Susie K. Taylor will attempt an act like no other: an escape... from herself. An ego-defying thrill to leave you breathless and laughing. Watch her scale great heights and crawl out of abysmal lows. Experience a hurricane of cultural clash as she navigates her crazy Cuban and Jewish family.

Jewbana, a solo show about Susie. Susie is many things a Miami native, Jewish, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter in law, a best friend, an ex and an actress. It can be confusing. So many roles begged the question, who is Susie? After gobbling down a pot infused key-lime pie she is transported to a dimension where she hears what the people she loves say about her and who she really is. It ain't always pretty.

How close to your own experiences is it?

Jewbana is a 98% factual story about me. Everything that you will hear happened ... 2% is theatrical. It is compiled of stories that were written by friends, family and frenemies. I asked for them to ne honest about me and then I took what they said about me and Nedra Gallegos and I wrote a script called Jewbana.

Why debut it in Edinburgh?

Let's just start with I LOVE the UK. Ever since I saw Starlight Express in London when I was nine. I studied acting at Webber Douglass academy in London after college and I have always had a connection to the UK. Past life or future life? Something ... I saw myself working there. So when I decided to do a solo show I figured why not take it to Edinburgh!

What is SURF ACTING Method and how does it relate to the show?

SURF Acting Method (Story, Understand, Recast and Forgiveness) is a four step method I created while grieving for the death of my father. By combining movement acting and self-awareness SURF releases trauma that has been stored in the body. Jewbana is the culmination of my personal journey through the SURF method. Jewbana is who I am after all of the stories are done.

Who would you recommend comes to see the show?

Anyone who is willing to laugh at themselves and their journey. It is honest, raw, fun, silly and a little sexy so if you are into that ... do come.

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