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Edinburgh Festival

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EDINBURGH 2017: BWW Q&A- Rachel Parris

EDINBURGH 2017: BWW Q&A- Rachel Parris

  • Tell us a bit about Keynote.

Keynote is about me preparing to do a big inspirational speech at my old school. This is actually happening - I'm going back to do it in September, so the fear is real! So it's me doing standup, songs and also sketches about some of the best speeches ever made, plus some new ones!

  • What kind of songs can we expect to hear?

Ooh a real mix - there's a heavy RnB song called "Army of Women - think Beyonce meets Dad's Army, there's a folk song, an 80's ballad, an electronic number and it ends on "I Know How To Dance", the catchiest disco anthem you'll ever not-quite-know the moves to!

You are somewhat of a Fringe veteran, what makes the festival so special?

Well there's no denying it's an insane idea! Imagine taking thousands of co-workers to live in the same 100 metre space for a month, like a month-long away-day, but then also telling them it's the busiest, most important period of their year ! But what comes with that dsytopian nightmare is a kind of Blitz spirit - everyone is in the same boat - usually doing about 3 shows a day for the month, knackered but also - it's all your mates hanging out in the same place, which is awesome! It's a weird mix of hard work and holiday. It's not for everyone but for me, after 10 years, the Fringe feels like a second home to me. It's really intense, but it's the intensity of it that makes it so special.

What is the most irritating compliment you have received about your shows?

Well, it could be worse but when people only say "You've got a great voice" then I know they didn't find it funny. But at least they don't say "That was not funny, also I hate your voice - never open your mouth". Maybe this year..!

Is it quite intense doing two shows a day between Keynote and Austentatious?

Sometimes. But I've never done less than two shows a day and usually end up doing three of four including gigs and guest spots, and actually, I like it. I think if i didn't have anything on rest of the day I'd feel a bit restless. You have to separate them out in your head though - wouldn't want Lizzy Bennet to start talking about her Nikki Minaj's bum... oh who am I kidding, that happens all the time in Austentatious! and I'll certainly try to bring a bit of Jane Austen's sass (yes she was v sassy!) into my solo show!

Timings and ticket information for Rachel Parris: Keynote are available on the edfringe website.

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