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Love Is Everything Plus the Unreleased 'Broadway' Album - Johnny Mathis 2012


Love Is Everything Plus the Unreleased 'Broadway' Album
Real Gone Music

That Love Is Everything, Johnny's masterful 1965 album of ballads, is finally out on CD is exciting enough, but on top of that we've included his unreleased album of songs taken from Broadway musicals! Love Is Everything reunited Mathis with frequent Columbia collaborator Glenn Osser, while only a couple of tracks have ever seen release in any format from the Broadway album, which was recorded during 1964 and 1965. Essential and rare! David Says:

1. Never Let Me Go
2. People
3. A Thousand Blue Bubbles
4. Love Is Everything
5. Young and Foolish
6. An Affair to Remember
7. Come Ride the Wind with Me
8. Go Away Little Girl
9. Dancing in the Dark
10. Long Ago and Far Away
11. This Is All I Ask
12. One More Mountain
13. Ain't It De Truth
14. Get Out of Town
15. Independent
16. Hello, Dolly!
17. Manhattan
18. Comes Once in a Lifetime
19. You'd Better Love Me
20. Don't Rain on My Parade
21. Of Thee I Sing
22. When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love
23. Ridin' High
24. She Loves Me

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