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A sensible and colorful theatre is what we deserve.


What a great start of brand new season in the theatre.

Grzegorz Bral, the director, with the incredible vividness of image and sound, presents one of Rozewicz's most important works on the hundredth anniversary of his birth (writer's, not directors's :)). His extraordinary sensitivity to space, music and images creates a coherent and very interesting interpretation. The action changes - sometimes it's up, sometimes down, sometimes it goes faster, slower, sad, cheerful, grotesque or ... a bit shocking. Context plays a key role here, and everything is based on a variable interpretation of hackneyed words and meaning. This is definitely one of the most thoughtful works you can see.

The stage is colorful, the topic of consumerism is obscured (literally) by a mountain of rubbish. The rubbish is produced by the action itself, and in the end we hear: Can you litter the trash? Exactly ... I think that's what we are witnessing in the 21st century.

The music (Composed by Maciej Ryszly and Daniel Grupa) played live adds value and it is so great! The songs sung are a hug asset, the choreography and the image (YES, THE IMAGE) of the song are a masterpiece. A great advantage is also the narrator's comments made in a creative frenzy, so we can observe the play with the new form and perspectiv. There is a lot of abstraction, but it's easy to get used to and it's insanely attractive.

The progressing action makes us look at our own behavior and where we are and how irreversible this position is. In this context, Rozewicz's work is absolutely timeless and somewhat pessimistic. There is no turning back. We allow ourselves to disappear, to be covered with a layer of garbage that we produce ourselves. It is happening in front of our eyes and with our consent. Everything can be rubbish and, like actors, we sometimes feed on it.

This show not only impresses with its form, but also allows a reflection, isn't beautiful?

There is one more thing, ACTORS. It is not often that they create such a harmonious and connected ensamble. You can see the hard work of not the soloists but the artists, as they are parts of something bigger than themselves. Big applause for Bogdan Koca, Beata Sliwinska, Zofia Jastrzebska, Anna Haba, Katarzyna Janekowicz, Marcin Piejas, Igor Kowalik, Marcin Rogozinski, Jakub Giel, Krzysztof Kulinski, Krzysztof Franieczek, Bartosz Bulawa. They are making this show greater and bolder.

Some references are too big for my taste, but in the end, art is about evoking different emotions and touching / crossing boundaries to see what it is on the other side. If you are looking for something to feed your eyes and soul you wouldn't be disappointed.

Photo: J. Kusmierski

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