BWW Interviews: Robbie Robertson Talks SATAN IN HIGH HEELS Off-Broadway

Satan in High Heels, the comedic adaptation of the 1960's sexploitation film, will make its Off-Broadway debut on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at Dixon Place. The remainder of the run will be November 1, 2 and 3rd, 2013 at TheaterLab NYC, a 75-seat boutique theatre on West 36th Street. The show is both written and produced by Robbie Robertson.

Robertson is a graduate of both the University of South Carolina and UCLA's professional program in screenwriting. His first play, Mina Tonight! was published by Samuel French Inc. and has been produced by regional theatres across the nation. His latest screenplay, Sweet Child of Mine, was named one of the top 12 comedy scripts at the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition and he is currently developing several film and television projects.

Directed by Mark Finley, Satan in High Heels is a two-act staged workshop production of the 1960's comedic adaptation film. It is the story of a cunning and ambitious carnival striptease dancer, Stacy Kane played by Karen Stanion, who sleeps her way to the top in her sociopathic quest to become a Manhattan cabaret singer. While polishing up her musical act, Stacy engages in a series of sizzling affairs with lesbian nightclub manager Pepe; nightclub owner and shady businessman Arnold Kenyon; and Arnold's naïve college student son, Larry.

Robertson was attracted to the film version of Satan in High Heels calling it an "accidental gem." He said, " On an initial viewing, it appears like a typical low budget sexploitation film of the early sixties-including exploitative camera angles, garish lighting, clumsy sex, plotting problems and overall cheap production values. But looking deeper, the movie captured a unique moment in cinematic history."

He added, "In many ways, movies like Satan in High Heels ushered in the sexual revolution that would soon influence mainstream cinema with more open attitudes about sexuality."

Robertson hopes that his staged production will bring new audiences to both the original film and his adaptation. He said, "It's simply a lot of fun, with some amazingly over the top characters that I could not wait to adapt onto the stage."

The play has some unique qualities that Roberson developed. He stated, "After watching the original more times that I can remember, I always imagined what the film would be like with edgier dialogue, juicier plot twists and more developed characterizations. So, with this staged adaptation, I've added scenes, revised existing ones, totally punched up the dialogue and changed a major plot point that helps create a better arc for the main character, carnival dancer turned cabaret singer Stacy Kane. But the main change from the movie to the play is in tone. I've definitely taken a more comedic slant in transferring the story to the stage while still maintaining the awesome melodrama of the original material."

Satan in High Heels has been well received in staged readings. The audience enjoyed the comedy of the piece and this helpEd Robertson and his team to see the potential of the show.

He said, "It's not every day you see a show centered around a carnival dancer turned cabaret singer with sociopath tendencies, as she bed bounces her way through 1960s Manhattan. Throw in some song and dance numbers and we think we have the perfect show for Halloween!"

For more information on the show, visit, Satan in High Heels will be performed at two different venues - October 30 at Dixon Place (161A Chrystie Street, between Rivington and Delancey) and Nov. 1-3 at TheaterLab NYC (357 West 36th).

Photo: Courtesy of Robbie Robertson

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