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BWW Blog: Broadway Wishlist - Shows That Should Return to the Stage

I created a list of musicals that have closed but should return to the Broadway stage in the future. 

It's officially the holiday season which means everyone is creating their wishlists of desired gifts from family and friends that they would like to see underneath the tree this year. And although 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year for a multitude of reasons, it's not stopping the holiday joy from blossoming. While many are certainly asking for simple gifts such as new gaming systems, books or other physical items, theater fans are feeling the loss of Broadway's continued shutdown so it would be no surprise if any of them are secretly wishing to see their favorite shows again soon. In light of creating wishlists and missing Broadway, I created a list of musicals that have closed but should return to the Broadway stage in the future.

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is one of the more lesser known Broadway shows in existence, but for those who love this musical, it's true the production deserved more time to shine in New York City. Closing after only a mere seventeen months on Broadway, fans and theater goers were upset to see such a magical production leave so soon. The show, which is adapted from the play The Man Who Was Peter Pan, follows the storyline of playwright J. M. Barrie who creates the fictional world of Neverland after meeting a special family. Before its closing in 2016, the musical was widely loved by all who were lucky to experience the joy of it live, but many didn't have the opportunity to be transported to such a beautiful place in a Broadway theater. Reviving this production would not only draw in fans of all kinds, but would also find success from many who missed out the first time.

Kinky Boots

Arguably one of the most original and unique shows on Broadway ever, Kinky Boots is full of life, unforgettable moments and a lesson that is more important than ever today. Opening in 2012, the show found success for several years before closing in 2019 and became loved by not only theater fans, but people who simply saw the musical because they were curious. With music written by the 80's pop star Cyndi Lauper and a storyline following two main characters who unknowingly find each other when they both need it the most, the musical has warmed the hearts of thousands and has brought joy to everyone who was lucky enough to see it during its time on Broadway. Over time, Kinky Boots became a "classic" in a sense because of the years spent on stage in the Big Apple and even had well known celebrities along with the original Broadway pair of Billy Porter and Stark Sands play the beloved characters. Among all the shows that have closed, Kinky Boots could easily be enjoyed by so many more if brought back to a Broadway stage.

Mamma Mia!

With the latest resurgence of love for Mamma Mia! among many young people who thoroughly enjoyed the 2008 movie and the recent sequel, bringing back this iconic musical would be a hit on Broadway. The jukebox musical has reigned popular for two decades now between the Broadway show and the following movies. ABBA's catchy tunes makes the storyline meaningful and one that's hard to forget because songs such as "Honey, Honey", "Lay All Your Love On Me" and "Dancing Queen" among countless others immediately get stuck in your head after the first listen. Through following the characters' interactions together in preparation for Sophie's upcoming wedding while also trying to figure out which of the three men she invited is her real father, Mamma Mia! is a hit that never ages and deserves to shine on the Broadway stage again. Especially with a new group of fans who adore the music, production and overall plot of this show, bringing the musical back to Broadway can only be a promising success that's loved by thousands.


Throughout Disney's reign in many entertainment realms, their various Broadway productions have been widely successful ranging from their productions of popular movies to original musicals. Newsies, which opened on Broadway in 2012, tells the story of a group of orphaned and homeless newsboys in New York City who go on strike after the prices of papers are raised. While already an inspiring story, the music of this show makes it even more memorable and loved by theater fans of all ages. Unlike other shows such as Phantom of the Opera or Mamma Mia! with long stretches of time on Broadway, this musical was only on stage for just about two years before closing. Now, with the production being available on Disney's streaming service, many have discovered the magic of the show all over again. If Newsies were to return to Broadway, which it's an arguable contender to do so, there would undoubtedly be an audience who would love to see the musical in person opposed to on their screens at home.

The Prom

Yes, The Prom is coming to Netflix at the end of this week with a star studded cast and bringing the special musical to millions of people in the comfort of their own homes. However, while many theater fans are extremely excited for the opportunity to relive or watch the show for the first time following in the steps of other successful adaptations such as Hamilton and Cats, it still rings true that The Prom should return to Broadway in the future. After opening in 2018 and not even running for an entire year, many missed out on being able to experience this one-of-a-kind and important show in person. It could be argued that the musical wasn't successful, hence its closing, but to earn a film adaptation means that there is an audience more than willing to see the production. Similar to Kinky Boots, The Prom is also important for LGBTQ+ representation in theater which is only another reason the show should return. Overall, the musical could find even more success with returning to Broadway than it's initial opening run.

During an upside down year full of everything unexpected, the absence of Broadway is more astounding than ever before. But that certainly isn't stopping fans from wishing about seeing a show in the future or reminiscing on all their personal experiences at the theater. It's clear that everyone's wishlist is going to look different, but the list of shows that should return to Broadway are definite picks to be loved by many.

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