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Interview: Greta Grosch of THE ROOMMATE at Prime Productions

This production runs now through June 19th

Interview: Greta Grosch of THE ROOMMATE at Prime Productions PRIME Productions presents The Roommate, featuring acclaimed actors Greta Grosch and Alison Edwards in playwright Jen Silverman's dark comedy about an unlikely pair and self-reinvention. Opening June 3 and directed by Twin Cities' theatre artist Greta Grosch, the production brings together two totally opposite women-a sheltered, newly divorced Midwesterner and a mysterious, New York vegan lesbian. As the two begin sharing pieces of their past, they discover what it takes to re-route your life-and what happens when the wheels come off.

We chat with director Greta Grosch about the production.

How does it feel to have live audiences and theatres back?
What a joy to be back in community! The artform requires a "conversation" between those on and off the stage, and it is so wonderful to be able to do that again!

What inspired you to pursue theatre?

I have been telling stories and engaging with audiences my entire life, but didn't know anyone who worked professionally in the arts. After college I started getting jobs in the business, and it occurred to me a career in this business might be an option! Definitely a case of "do what you love, and the money will follow..."

How does this role of the director compare with the role of the actor?

I was an actor and writer for decades, and love being able to bring those experiences to the other side of the table. I always want to honor the intent of the writer, while also keeping an eye out for what the actors need. And, when you're the director, you are ALLOWED to have opinions on everything!

What is your process as a director?
I go into each project with a very clear idea of what the show should look, feel and sound like. As we began rehearsals and production meetings, it is satisfying to let go of MY vision and embrace OUR vision.
Do you have a favorite moment in the show?
My favorite moment is one of the last in the show. It took us awhile to find it, but I was
confident we would get there. I told the actor, "We don't know how this show ends yet, but we will." In our last rehearsal before tech, we figured it out. Every time I see that moment in the play, I am reminded to trust the process. The answer will always come. In its time. It always does.

Did you face any challenges with your character or the production?
Well, we had a 2 year gap between our first production meeting in March 2020, and our first rehearsal in May 2022! Oh, Covid...

How was working with the cast and the creative team?
There was such joy in being back together. We felt a real sense of collaboration and creativity. Great to be telling stories together again.
Interview: Greta Grosch of THE ROOMMATE at Prime Productions

What do you hope the audience takes away from seeing this production?
The show is about 2 women over 50, eager to reinvent themselves. They are changed thru their relationship with one another, and find themselves along the way. I would hope audiences are inspired to allow unexpected relationships to change them.

What are your favorite local spots?
After a long cold winter, Minnesotan's love anywhere with a patio. We have a lot of local
brewpubs with rotating food trucks. For me, that is a winning combination: good food, outdoor seating, and a hoppy microbrew!

Thank you Greta for your time

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Photos courtesy of Prime Productions

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