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Industry Pro Newsletter: Ticketing Platforms, What Biden Can Do for the Arts, and TikTok for Your Theatre

As we continue to move down the road to reopening, many producers are starting to assess how to put together the puzzle of the new normal.

February 8, 2021 -

Over the last year, we've experienced a powerful evolution in how theatre companies interact with their audiences - and that evolution will only continue as we welcome audiences back into our venues after a long period of separation. For a lot of theatres, that has meant taking a look at their ticketing systems, and how they can continue to gain new data about their audience for all sorts of uses - grant applications, marketing, and even programming choices. For others, that has meant a strong push into social media as a touchpoint between producer and audience. If that's you, that might mean wading into the TikTok waters - and if that is the case then we have a few reasons why your theatre needs to be on the latest social media app to take the world by storm. Later this month, our Industry Pro Webinar will cover all the ins and outs of social media for theatres with the BroadwayWorld Social Media team!

Why Your Theatre Needs to be on TikTok!

From Chloe Rabinowitz: "For any business, building a social media presence has become an important, if not necessary part of growing a following, with a solid online presence being used as a vital tool for promotion and a way to connect. While platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more have reigned supreme, one app has emerged in the last few years, particularly last year, 2020, that has changed the game. Yes, we're talking about TikTok. If you are currently working with a theatre company and are wondering how joining this social media platform will benefit your business, we've got you covered."

Want to learn more about social media for your theatre? Join us later this month for our Industry Pro Webinar, all about the ins and outs of social media for theatre companies. More information below or click this link to register now!

As Theatres Come Back, Enforcing Safety Protocols Will Make Or Break Visitor Satisfaction

Colleen Dilenschneider and IMPACTS released visitor satisfaction data this week about museum visitors, finding that the biggest impact on guest satisfaction was how effectively frontline workers were enforcing the safety protocols like mask wearing. The more effectively the rules were enforced, the more satisfied the visitor. What does this mean for theatres? Properly training your frontline employees (and volunteers) in enforcing these standards will be vital as audiences make a return to our seats.

A Look Back at Seven Deadly Sins in Miami

According to AEA, while it was running, Seven Deadly Sins from Miami New Drama was the largest theatrical production in the United States. With two extensions, employing approximately 100 theatre workers, and taking over multiple empty storefronts it was the epitome of pandemic era theatre. The New York Times caught up with Miami New Drama Artistic Director Michel Haussman to discuss how they pulled it off.

What Would a New Federal Theatre Project Actually Look Like?

On an individual level, the understanding of what a modern Federal Theatre Project would look like varies greatly, but as American Theatre reports, it can be a useful rallying cry, and as Jerald Raymond Pierce writes in his piece, "...every person I spoke to echoed a similar aim: All would like to see a reinvigoration and rededication of theatres to the local communities they serve.'

Biden is President Now - What Does That Actually Mean for the Arts?

The Boston Globe dove into this question last week, asking specifically what it could mean for the industry as a whole to have a President, and Congress, that is more open and sympathetic to the performing arts than the previous administration as we navigate out of the current pandemic-fueled crisis.

True Tickets Works to Put Ticket Data Back Into the Hands of Venues

For venues of all sizes the question of who is actually sitting in your seats - and how to capture data about them - has long been a challenge. Startup True Tickets is looking to build a platform that not only offers increased security to ticket purchasers and buyers, but allows for ticket holder data to make its way back to the venue - even if the ticket itself has transferred hands more than once on the ticket resale market.

SeatGeek Comes to Broadway

As the road to reopening becomes more clear, Jujamcyn announced a new partnership with SeatGeek to sell tickets for their five Broadway houses. For our coverage of the new arrangement, click the link above!

February Industry Pro Webinar: The Ins and Outs of Social Media for Theatre with the BroadwayWorld Social Team!

Join BroadwayWorld's Chloe Rabinowitz and Taylor Brethauer for a discussion of the in's and out's of the various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook Twitter, and tiktok), how BroadwayWorld has grown their accounts in the last year, what posts they've found to be successful, how best to work the algorithm, and what the biggest trends (and how to spot them) are on theatre tiktok! The presentation will be followed by a q+a to answer your questions about social media.

Register Now to Join us Wednesday, February 24th at 3pm Eastern!

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