Theater Of Absurd Served Regional Language In Amaan Ahmad's BADLAV

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Theater Of Absurd Served Regional Language In Amaan Ahmad's BADLAV

Hyderabad witnessed one of the original play "Badlav", an original play on Theater of Absurdity in Hindi Language on 21st of December 2019 and getting ready for another showcase on 26th of December. this play was a milestone the incense of Aburdisim was at the display for the audience and where for the first time ever a trans-women was included into the mainstream theater in Hyderabad . The Theatre of the Absurd (French: théâtre de l'absurde [te?'t?(?) d? lapsy?d]) is a post-World War II designation for particular plays of absurdist fiction written by a number of primarily European playwrights in the late 1950s, as well as one for the style of theatre which has evolved from their work. let us learn more about the play.

About the play -

Badlav is an original hindi psychological play written and directed by

Touching the core of Theatre of the Absurd, 'Badlav' is a one of a kind play that traverses through multiple questions concerning human consciousness in a twisted manner. Set in an indefinite timeline, the play questions the very nature of 'change'. Gayathri, the protagonist, being a hypocrite herself, is determined to seek 'Badlav'. A complex psychotic character who comes with an overflow of deranged emotions, Gayathri is perpetually restless. Kalpana is an absolute nihilist. She throws absurd remarks at everything under the sun. Meanwhile, Radha who appears naïve and utterly ignorant, unknowingly unfolds a series of poetic and philosophical aspects of the play. In some other unexplored dimension, we see two men immersed in a paradoxical, absurd and digressive conversation which takes unexpected twists and turns.

The play also explores questions like - What happens to the consciousness long after a person passes away? Do the splinters still linger? Can we gather the pieces and stitch them back together to create/recreate multiple forms?

Get your brains to work and decipher the symbolism and metaphors in this absurdist and psychological play while watching the twisted scenes and dialogues in this original Hindi play.

How to go about 'Theatre of the Absurd' in Hyderabad

The world we live in today, is loaded with distractions coming out from its every nook and corner. It's more like a doll factory - it manufactures dolls which are then put to use and finally discarded. With the emergence of technology and a fast-forward lifestyle, people fail to take the time out to observe and explore things. Art today is being made 'easy' so that people wouldn't have to spend hours deciphering and comprehending its meaning.

Amaan Ahmad's work is far from today's basic and straight-forward content that suits the tastes of mainstream audiences. It urges the viewer/reader to pay attention and have a deep level of understanding of the concepts that float around in it.

As Amaan says, "Art should be true to its nature - raw and unrefined. The more you try to polish it, the more you lose its essence. When you look at my work, you notice the multiple layers and dimensions it constitutes. It challenges you to think harder, delve deeper and observe better."

Amaan's work is created to be deliberately absurd. It has an absurd philosophical perspective - it makes sense in its own twisted layers and it is logical in a quite illogical way. Touching the core of absurdism, existentialism, surrealism and symbolism, his work is full of metaphors and symbolism stitched together in an elaborate labyrinth of vivid imagery.

A lot of Amaan's work is based on his own personal experiences with psychological distress and hallucinations. It is dark, raw and unsettling, urging the viewers/readers to question the very nature of existence. Examples include: Skepticism and The Lost Lore of Mad Poet (yet to be premiered).

Many of Amaan's plays fall under the genre of 'Theatre of the Absurd' - it is focused on the idea of existentialism and what happens when human existence has no meaning or purpose.

The theatre industry of Hyderabad gained momentum in accepting the areas of 'absurdist  plays' after the much talked about play of 'Skepticism' - many theatre groups have been working in driving the similar approaches  and are now coming up with  plays that involve the elements of 'Absurdism' and 'Surrealism'. Amaan has been catalyst in training  actors and some  working with his group and others creating and moving into theatre groups. This is just the first step. Amaan's vision is the get the entire theatre industry of Hyderabad together in order to lay the foundation for the genre of 'Theatre of the Absurd' as we all set out to explore and appreciate its true essence. He also has plans to bring Theatre of cruelty and host a theater of Abusrdism festival in future.

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