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World Channel Invites Viewers To Get To Know The STATES OF AMERICA

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World Channel Invites Viewers To Get To Know The STATES OF AMERICA

WORLD Channel invites audiences to take a trip across the country, as the acclaimed series Local, USA returns with the premiere of States of America. Created, directed and produced by Brad Barber, States of America takes viewers on a tour of America, exploring the country one state and one life at a time through a series of short vignettes. Local, USA: States of America premieres on Monday, July 6, at 9 p.m. ET on WORLD Channel, and on the WORLD Channel YouTube.

Hosted by journalist Tina Martin, Local, USA is a half-hour series presented by WORLD Channel and KQED, dedicated to showcasing stories from independent producers and public television stations from across the nation. Examining ideas of home, origins and identity, episode one of States of America, titled "Relocation," asks the audience to explore what it means to be from a place and how do the states we live in help us to form our identities? From Xong, a woman born in a Hmong refugee camp in Thailand who now lives in Wisconsin helping her community honor their roots to a Sikh berry farmer in Washington State helping to feed his neighbors to Clay, who left family tragedy to start anew Nevada; the episode spotlights unique lifestyles and modern ideas of American identity in a time when the nation seemingly grows more and more fractured.

Episode 2, "Connection," airing July 13th, looks at the bonds of community and what makes us feel rooted to a place and its people. In Baltimore, one man devotes himself to creating work opportunities for underprivileged residents after spending nearly half of his life in a Maryland prison while a resident of Arlington, Virginia, shows that sometimes we find a new home base out of necessity. In Maine, the proprietor of the world's only Umbrella Cover Museum demonstrates that home is where we can be ourselves; Dereck, a musician in Nebraska, however, reflects on how one can be treated as a stranger even in one's birthplace.

"States of America offers us a wonderful opportunity to show the diversity of our nation, and how in spite of our many differences, what we have in common outweighs anything that divides us. This is at the core of what we seek to do with all of our programming at WORLD," said Chris Hastings, executive producer and editorial manager for WORLD Channel.

Highlighting the diversity of life and lifestyles and what unites us in America today, Local, USA: States of America premieres on Monday, July 6, on WORLD Channel, and at Following the debuts of episodes one and two, the full collection of profiles -one story from each state- will roll out on WORLD's Youtube channel with one new state released each week throughout the 2020 election season.

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