Norm Macdonald Wants Craig Ferguson's Show

Norm Macdonald Wants Craig Ferguson's Show

According to The New York Times, Norm Macdonald wants Craig Ferguson's show. Ferguson announced that he will be stepping down from his late night slot at 12:35 a.m. and Macdonald is hoping to get the seat. A twitter campaign has been happening over the past month to enter his name into the vacancy with people tweeting "#latelatenormnorm."

Macdonald said, "I know you're supposed to be coy and say, 'If nominated I will not run.' But it would be so cool to get that job."

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Macdonald used to anchor on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update until he was fired in 1998. The executive of the time at NBC Entertainment, Don Ohlmeyer, declared him "not funny." However, since there was no social media, fans couldn't do much to fight against it. Macdonald recalls, "Time magazine had this thing- If you wanted to keep Norm going, you had to clip out a coupon and send it to NBC."

Even though Macdonald has been off SNL for many years, his following consists of considerably younger folks, which is attributed to his many guest appearances on various shows and youtube channel.