New Name and New Date for Barbra Streisand Comedy


The release date of Barbra Streisand's upcoming comedy "My Mother's Curse" has been pushed back to November 2, 2012 and Paramount has changed the title to "Guilt Trip," according to The Examiner.

"Guilt Trip" tells the story of Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen), a Los Angeles inventor, and Joyce (Barbra Streisand), his mother. On a trip to visit his mom, Andy asks her to go along on a cross-country trip in which he's trying to sell his new product. But the real reason he's asked Joyce is because he's discovered that she gave up on the love of her life before he was born, and Andy thinks he can reunite them now.

The script, by Dan Fogelman, is semi-autobiographical. Streisand plays a character inspired by his late mother.

"It's completely about my mom. I took a cross-country road trip with my mother four years ago, before she got sick, as research for a film I wanted to do about a mother and son going on a trip together. We drove from New Jersey to Vegas, so it was basically being locked in a car with your mom for two weeks," he told

"It took a while to get Barbra, but she's become my adopted mother. She's the greatest lady. ...My mother died three years ago, which is the saddest thing ever because she was a Jewish woman from Brooklyn and Barbra Streisand was her be all, end all in life. [So this is] a nice homage to mom."

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Streisand has appeared on Broadway in I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE and FUNNY GIRL. Her film work includes FUNNY GIRL, FUNNY LADY, YENTL, and NUTS. She has won numerous awards including the Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy awards. Her first book, "My Passion for Design: A Private Tour" debuted on the NYT Bestseller List. Barbra's 63rd album, "Love Is The Answer" was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), just months after debuting at #1 on the Billboard Charts. This brings the number of gold albums awarded to Barbra to 51. Additionally, Barbra is the recipient of 30 platinum albums and 13 multi-platinum albums. A DVD recording of Barbra Streisand's performance at the Village Vanguard on September 26, 2009 was released last May.