'Beyond Merritt' Short Film Released

'Beyond Merritt' Short Film Released

Beyond Merritt, a short film directed by ReuBen Johnson starring Alysia Rogers (Boyz N The Hood, Class Act), sets out to reveal startling facts about single moms and the battles they face with poverty and drug addiction.

A short film produced by Hollywood film producers Ci Ci and Kevin Foster, Beyond Merritt is based on the life of Lynda Merritt, a single mother of three who became addicted to crack, and loses her children to the system. While in foster care, Merritt's children become victims of abuse, an all too common tragedy among today's youth.

According to www.layouth.com, black children are significantly overrepresented in foster care, with 31% in foster homes in Los Angeles County. Many of the youth in foster care suffer from abuse and neglect. Determined to spread awareness about the abuse youth face in foster care and the problems separation causes between mothers and their families, Ci Ci Foster, a Los Angeles social worker, aims at promoting change in the system.

"I was inspired to write and produce Beyond Merritt after witnessing first hand the failings of the system. Our film provides a candid look into the lives of abused children and addicted mothers, but also shows that there is hope after loss, pain, abusive and addiction," states Foster. Beyond Merritt boasts a multi-talented cast of seasoned Hollywood actors that include Mashari Laila Bain (The Young & The Restless, Without A Trace) and Mike Estime (Everybody Hates Chris, The Last Holiday). The film is set for release in 2013.

For more information about Beyond Merritt or 4 Hearts Productions, visit www.4HeartsProductions.com.