BWW Interview: Bachelorette Sarah Gives the Inside Scoop on THE BACHELOR

Bachelorette Sarah Herron has proved to be an early favorite on this season of ABC's THE BACHELOR. The courageous 26 year-old advertising executive from Los Angeles, CA has learned to navigate through life with just one arm. Her bravery has certainly caught the attention of Bachelor Sean Lowe.

Herron recently spoke with reporters about her experience on the ABC dating competition.

So, tell me what was your opinion of the roses being handed out throughout the evening on the first night and how you were feeling?

Well, the first night, Sean, obviously chose a different strategy for handing out the roses. And it was a complete shocker. I mean, I was very confused and thrown off by what was going on. You know, Tierra received (his) first impression rose, or so we thought.

And then as I saw the roses continued to be handed out, I think nerves just got a little tense, and I got nervous. And I think it kind of put all the Girls on edge and (you're) not really sure what was going on. And it also kind of ups the ante on the competition. And everybody knew that you know, time was valuable and we had to get our time with Sean. So, it was definitely a change of routine, and it was a - it was a complete shocker.

What qualities in Sean do you feel make him a good match for you?

You know, I think so highly of Sean. And the moment I knew he was going to be the bachelor, I just thought he's the kind of guy I'm looking for. He's 100 percent authentic and genuine. And he has a very big heart. And he's a gentleman. And he's patient. And he has an awesome sense of humor and he's a prankster. He's just kind of the whole package. He's athletic and 40 and enjoys activities. And he's creative. And he's passionate and compassionate. And he's just you know, this whole laundry list of qualities that I've been looking for in a man.

In the premier episode, you were shown saying that you believed the fact you have one arm is kind of why you're still single. So, while Sean had a handful of good reasons why he picked you to Go On the first one on one date of the season, did you ever have any concerns that your situation similarly played a role in why he chose you first, but maybe in a positive way this time?

You know, I did think that my situation played a role in Sean choosing me for the first date in a positive aspect, because I think what happened was I introduced myself to Sean and he - I made an impression. And I hope that that's why he chose me. And it's because he saw me as a unique, strong, courageous individual, and that I deserved the opportunity just as much as anybody else.

And I think, you know, to my benefit, I - it helped - it's to my advantage. It helped me stand out and catch his attention. And I - I'm grateful for that. You know, I think it was a very, very pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting it at all, and I was very honored.

Absolutely. And in Sean's blog, he said he believed that he could tell you weren't completely comfortable talking about your arm. And he wasn't sure whether you were really convinced that he didn't care about it. So, I just wanted to get your opinion on that. Did you think he was right? Like, were you still a little uncomfortable talking about your arm at the time and/or skeptical that Sean was really okay with and accepting of it?

Well, here's the thing. I - you know, I think most women have their insecurities, whether it's your weight or your Style or I don't know, the color of your hair, everybody has something about them that they don't feel awesome about. And for me, my barrier is having one arm. And, you know, maybe I felt the need to like overcompensate and say hey, it's okay. I'm open and comfortable talking about it, because I wanted him to be comfortable.

And he made it very clear to me that he was, and it wasn't an issue, and we didn't really need to talk about it, and we could just move on. And I think that's awesome that he kind of put me at ease and said you know, it's okay, we don't - we don't have to talk about this over and over and over, I like you for who you are, and I think you're great.

And you know - but it was just important for me to let him know everything that I could and cover all the bases and just really be open and honest about all of my concerns. And I appreciate him giving me the time to talk about it and just kind of get it off my chest, but I think we did that. And we established that we can move forward and we don't need to let it be like a hang up anymore.

I assume you knew who Sean was and you - I'm sure, had seen the show before you went on it. So, was there anything in your mind that you told yourself you wouldn't do, like not go in the hot tub or something, you know, just something that you knew you wouldn't do?

You know, I - I'm kind of a modest person to begin with, and I know that there have been instance where Girls can Go On the show and lose their inhibitions a little bit and maybe do things to embarrass themselves, and so, that was my number one concern. I just wanted to be mindful of my actions and the way I was portraying myself on the show.

And you know, I never said I will never get in a hot tub or I will never sip a glass of champagne. I just wanted everything to be to the level that I was comfortable with and that I felt I had control over the way I was behaving. And that was - that was it. Everything else is open game. And I was down for any sort of adventure or date or you know, challenge. I signed up for the full package, and I was open for anything.

I feel like only after the second episode, everyone was talking about - especially on Twitter about a couple of things, like Lindsay showing up in the wedding dress, you know, a couple of crazy comments that Tierra has made so far. So, just wanted to get your take on Lindsay and the wedding dress, maybe Amanda's breakdown the other night, which a lot of the Girls were shocked about...


... and then Tierra.

As far as Lindsay showing up in the wedding dress, I think just naturally it's going to be a little off putting to the other women in the house. It just is - it's making a bold statement. And it kind of can make the other women defensive and you know, it - it's just bold. And it's - it was a very bold move. But I think we all learned, very quickly, that Lindsay only has the best intentions. And she's the sweetest girl in the entire world.

So, it was never meant to like you know, hurt anyone or rub anything in our faces. She was just there to make an impression on Sean, like the rest of us. And so, you can't blame her. It worked. And as far as Amanda, you know, living in a house of Girls is tough...

And everybody, I think, has their moment at some point where you just kind of - you break. And you need your personal space, you know. And everyone, I think, just kind of has - yes, that moment when they just kind of - maybe I don't know, get a little cranky or...emotional. And it doesn't - I don't think Amanda's a terrible person. You know, she's actually very sweet. And it's unfortunate that so many of the Girls saw her in this negative light. But you know, she's a great girl. And I think she'll be okay. I think she's going to turn out fine throughout the rest of the season.

And then just a quick comment on Tierra and some of the comments that (we've seen) her make already.

You know, I think Tierra is just having trouble living (inaudible), which she's openly stated and that's okay. It's like I said, it's not easy. However, I think when you're signing up to be living in a house with up to 25 females who are dating (the same) guy as you, you don't need to be there to make best friends, but you're not going to have the same enjoyable, enriching experience if you're making enemies.

It's much easier to be friendly and cordial and get along with everybody. And you're going to have a much better time if you are a likable person, as opposed to having your guard up and you know, just kind of pushing people away. Girls don't want to be pushed away. They want - we naturally want to be friendly with everyone.

I was wondering if you know, Sean has proven to be quite the gentleman about you having one arm. And you know, I feel like it may - it took a lot of courage for you to Go On the show, and I love that about you. And I'm wondering if the Girls were weird in any way or if you ever felt like there was a moment where you were like the Girls weren't as accepting as maybe Sean was?

You know, what, I am interested in that as well, because the Girls were actually very, very, very sweet and welcoming and encouraging, and like immediately just bonded with me so well. And I feel like it - it's very strange how close I got with the girls. And they all just wanted me to succeed and do well and feel confident and beautiful and brave.

And I'm so fortunate that there was such wonderful Girls in the house that made me feel that way, because definitely coming on the show, it was hard. And I was very nervous. And you know, I knew I was putting myself Out There and America was going to see me in my most vulnerable state and going through a lot of like learning about myself and the Girls were just wonderful. So, if any of them thought it was bizarre or off putting or if any of them had concerns or comments about me, they definitely kept that to themselves, and never, ever made it an issue to my face.

Because you never know what people say behind closed doors. So, you know, let's hope that (they were) better than you anticipate some people (can be)...

Yes. Exactly.

So, you know, obviously you went in knowing about Sean, and you just talked about him in this really great light a few minutes ago, but did you - did you kind of feel that attraction for him like when you first met him? And did you kind of instantly see like hey, this maybe could work out? Maybe we could be boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancŽ fiancŽe or married husband and wife at some point.

Yes. Absolutely. I mean being chosen as the first girl to Go On a date just - it made me feel like the most lucky girl in the world. Honestly, I felt so special. And I felt even stronger about Sean that he would consider me to be - you know, that he would consider me for this cool adventurous date, and that he was so interested in me. And we actually did have a great connection, as you saw last week. And I really liked him. And I could definitely picture myself as early as that night, you know, building a future with him. So, we - yes, it was - I definitely fell hard for him right away.

If it's not you that ends up with Sean, is there another girl in the house that you think a really good match for him?

Oh, you know, I think - I honestly really think Leslie M. I think she's a wonderful girl with a great career. And she's beautiful, and has an amazing body. And she's so cool. And you know, I really see this great spark happening between them. So, I think - I think Leslie M is a - is a possible contender.

And without going to too much detail, because I know you can't give us a lot, but what's been your biggest surprise of the season, so far or that we haven't seen?

Well, I think actually this coming episode is going to be - is going to be a pretty shocker. There's a lot of drama that happens next Monday night. And I think it's just going to be really interesting to see how it all unfolds, and what really happens, and you know, it's kind of - we're all finally, at this point, settled into the house and we're seeing some true colors come out. And it's - I think things are going to start to get interesting next Monday night. And Sean does something to really kind of - to surprise me next week. And it was a little unexpected. And I didn't see it coming. And it's going to be - it's going to be really interesting for sure.

It seems like Tierra, she's one person to you guys and another person to Sean, do you think Sean is being duped? And what does he Need to Know about Tierra?

You know, I don't think Sean's being duped. And I just think Tierra's been incredibly honest, truthfully, the whole way. She is not here to make friends, and that's very, very clear. She is here for Sean. So, I don't think he's being tricked, but I definitely think he's seeing a different side of her, and that side is probably - you know, that's obviously what she wants him to see. And she doesn't really care about impressing us as much.

So, I don't know. It's hard to say. I don't think he's being tricked. I think she's probably being genuine with him. I think the bigger issue is just that she's not opening up to us and she's not being friendly with us - with us in the house.

Do you think that Sean - Sean's opinion of Tierra would change if he could see her interactions with you guys?

I think yes, it possibly could, because Sean's looking for somebody that can you know, get along with everybody. He doesn't want to have to, you know, baby-sit or have a girlfriend that doesn't get along with his friends, or more importantly, his family. And it's important for him to be with somebody that is friendly and nice and generous towards anybody, you know...

You think Sean is here for the right reasons?

Absolutely. I think Sean is - he's looking for a wife, and he has laid it all out there. You know, I think he's been very honest about where he's going in life, and what his morals are, and where he stands, and what he's willing to tolerate, and what he's not. And when you're that vulnerable, with a public audience, I think, it can only be sincere. You know, I can't see being that open and honest and having not the right intentions. I think - I think he absolutely is trying to find his wife.

How did you come to be on the show? And how does it feel now watching yourself on the show?

You know, I've always wanted to be on a show like this. It's kind of been a dream ever since I was a little girl. And I just never - I just never really thought it would be possible until, I guess it was last spring, I decided to kind of bite the bullet and apply, because I had been watching Emily's season. And at the time, I knew Sean was like in the top four. And I was really, really interested in him.

I liked who he was as a person and individual and he's incredibly attractive. And so, I just said, you know, I've always wanted to do this. I'm going to apply. And I made it. And it was kind of this dream come true, which I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around. It's just been totally surreal and amazing. It's - I - you know, I don't even know how to put words to it. It's just incredible.

And how is Sean different from other men that you've dated?

You know, Sean is different from a lot of the men I've dated, because he knows what he wants. And I think he is very clear and determined to get what he wants. And he doesn't want to lead anybody on or string them along. And unfortunately, that's what I've dealt with a lot in the past, is just guys who can't really figure it out, or they're too immature or they don't know what they're looking for. And someone always ends up getting hurt. And it's not fun. And the great thing about Sean is that he knows exactly what he's looking for. And he's you know, he's the whole package. He's incredibly attractive and funny and athletic. And I just can't find a negative thing to say about him.

He really came off great in this last episode, treating everyone with such respect, you know, you, (Robin), and everyone. It - he seems like a real upstanding guy, and that's really what he's like, sounds like.

He is. He is incredibly upstanding. And the best thing about him is when you're spending time with him, he has this way of making you feel like you're this incredible, most perfect woman. And he makes you feel so special. And I think he makes all of us feel that way, which is - which is great. I think more men need to make women realize how beautiful they are and unique and charming. And Sean is - he's excellent at making Girls feel good about themselves.

Right. And I guess we'll have to see the heartbreak that comes after that.

Yes, unfortunately, I think there will be some heartbreaks in the house, but we'll have to see who that happens to.

You said you were falling in love with Sean by the end of your first date with him. Could you talk a little bit about what you were feeling at the time? And looking back, do you think you were really starting to falling love with Sean? Or do you think maybe you were just kind of caught up in the romance and excitement of being on a special bachelor date?

I mean, yes your emotions on these dates are so high end. And everything is - it's very fairytale-esque and romantic and incredible and impressive, that you do feel overwhelmed with emotion. But definitely I just felt so - I just felt so strongly that night that Sean is this incredible guy that I've looked for my entire life. But I really could see myself falling in love with him. I mean it was - it was - it was authentic, and my words were true.

Sometimes things like that just happen. I mean it sounds crazy. And it sounds you know, very fast, but I think what I was trying to articulate is that he's everything I've been looking for. I had an amazing date. And I can definitely see myself falling in love with Sean. And you know, I don't - I don't take any of that back. It's absolutely true. But yes, I think - I think I said it perfectly that night.

Did it surprise you that you fell for Sean so fast? And - you know, since you had invested such strong feelings in him so early in the season, did you kind of leave that first date worried about how emotionally taxing the rest of the journey might be for you, especially since - you know, you were the one of - one of the first Girls to get the first one on one, and then you'd have to watch him going on all these other dates with Girls and kiss other Girls and all that stuff?

Oh, yes, absolutely. I mean, I never expected first of all, to get the first date, second of all, to have feelings as quickly as I did. And when that happened, I woke up the next morning, just realizing this is going to be a lot harder than I thought, because now I know that I've established (I had) feelings for somebody. But, because I've already had the first date, I have to sit back and watch you know, X amount of other Girls go out with him. And it's not going to be easy.

It's you know, I don't know, it kind of double edge sword. And I felt very lucky and honored to get the first date, but I also knew it was going to be a really hard journey sitting back for The Following weeks and watching him take other Girls out.

During your date, you know, you told Sean you wanted a guy who's adventurous and spontaneous. Those seem to be two of the major traits you were looking for in a guy. Do you think Sean fits those qualities? Like, did you see Sean being adventurous and spontaneous? I guess viewers just haven't seen much of that side of him, if there is one.

Yes. I think Sean is definitely that. He's kind of a self proclaimed prankster, as you saw on his date with Desiree. And he's an adrenaline junkie. So, I think inherently, you know, that is somebody who's up for spontaneous adventure. And he likes to travel. And he, you know, likes to try new activities. And that's what I'm looking for too.

Were you surprised that Sean kissed you that first night? And if he didn't make the move, do you think you would have?

I was not surprised that he kissed me, because we were hitting it off so well. I knew that kiss was coming. And if he wasn't going to give it to me, I would have given it to him. I mean, we really were having a wonderful time together, and I just - I knew it would happen. If it didn't, however I would have been completely shocked and confused and probably felt like I was you know, on a different planet, because I definitely - I definitely saw a kiss coming at the end of the night.

Out of all the Girls who fought for Sean's attention that first night, was there anyone in particular who really shocked you or anyone who didn't get a rose that you expected to or felt should have gotten one?

Not really. I think - I think Sean nailed it pretty good the first night. And I was happy with his choices. You know, I think his choices kind of reassured to me that what he was looking for was what I was looking for, and we we're on the same page. So, I was totally okay with who got - who got a rose and who didn't that first night.

I see a lot of stuff online and on blogs that people are comparing Tierra to Courtney, saying that she's kind of like another two face Courtney-esque sort of character on the show. So, I'm surprised to hear that you've had such great - or it seems like good experiences with her.

I really did have good experiences with Tierra. I don't - I can't speak for the other Girls in the house. You know, I wanted to be open minded to everybody there and just try and keep it positive with everybody. So, I kind of try - I just wanted to stay away from all - any drama. I didn't want to be in The Middle of any of it.

So, someone else might feel differently. I really can't speak for them but I think naturally, in a house full of so many girls, someone is going to get pegged as you know, the - like the negative girl or you know, just kind of having a bad attitude. And it's unfortunate, but you know, it's just - it's kind of like - it's what you put out there. And...

And you would say that for (this) season, Tierra's kind of the bad girl of the group.

Sarah Herron: You know, I don't know how it's all going to unfold, truthfully. But I think - I think it's sad if that's what happens, because she's really not - she's not that - she's not - she's not a terrible person. She's not a bad person, no. But it will be sad if that's what happens.

Do you think you may become somewhat of a role model for young fans or for women, for going on the show?

Yes. Thanks for asking. I've actually - I've been doing a little reading of like comments online and on some message boards, and it seems to be incredibly positive. And I get overwhelming feedback from women saying that I've inspired them, and I'm motivating them to try out for the show. And just - you know, like I never ever, ever expected to get it, because I truthfully just went on the show to meet Sean. I didn't Go On the show to be like a role model for anybody. And it's so overwhelming. And I just - I'm honored that people perceive me like that. And I'm honored that I can be that for people. And it's inspiring, and uplifting. And it's wonderful.

Were you at all worried about that going on?

No. I actually wasn't. I was worried about Sean liking me. That was all (I) was ever worried about. But I never was concerned about you know, what the public was going to say, what people were going to say, because I've grown up with it my whole life. And I have a pretty thick skin. And I'm not too concerned about you know, being talked about or any of that. I wasn't - I wasn't worried. I was just worried if Sean would like me or not.

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