Amazons Series JUST ADD MAGIC Signs Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace has been signed in the pivotal role of for the new Amazon series "Just Add Magic." Based on an old cookbook delivered to her and her close friends when they were young, it has mysteriously returned to create havoc and suspense to her grandaughter and her two closest friends. "Just Add Magic" will be available on Amazon Prime.

In addition, ABC recently released Spielberg's "The Whispers" - reuniting Dee Wallace with the celebrated director for THE FIRST TIME since E.T., and now famous TV/Film mom has signed a deal with "Sage Licensing Group" to release Dee Wallace's "BuppaLaPaloo & the I LOVE MEs" (trademark pending). It is a joyful, educational toy that teaches children to celebrate their uniqueness.

Best known for her roles portraying mothers in Stephen Spielberg's "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" and Steven King's "Cujo," Dee most recently was cast in a recurring role on NBC's "GRIMM" in 2014 as well as "The Whispers," premiering in June 2015. In addition, she received fan and critical acclaim for tackling the long awaited role of Pat Spencer on "General Hospital" and has just been cast in the new family film, entitled "Murphy's Last Chance" as well as the Amazon series, "Just Add Magic."

Working closely with Lodato Productions and Sage Licensing Group in both creative and marketing analytics, Dee is proud to release her latest creation, Dee Wallace's "BuppaLaPaloo & the I LOVE MEs" - a PLUSH toy (picture attached). This is a toddler/preschool interactive toy that promotes self-esteem and empowerment. There are thousands of studies testifying to the fact that the lack of self-love and low self-esteem are the main causes of bulimia, anorexia, low-grade scores, bullying and anger management. Bottom line, the more we love ourselves and feel good about ourselves, the more society wins because the child wins. This bear is designed to teach children to claim powerful statements about themselves by repeating back the bear's statements, i.e. "I love me!" and "I love my body." Ms. Wallace has a HIGH SCHOOL teaching degree, and has worked with children of all ages in her dance and acting studios. She has been a successful intuitive life coach for 20 years, and has just returned from teaching in Beijing, China.

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